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Effective Security Observability (ESO) with Attack Signal Intelligence™

KPMG's ESO enables organizations to realize a cyber strategy that will deliver effectiveness with an ultra-high
signal-noise ratio to focus on what really matters.

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Together we solve

Realizing an effective cyber security strategy

Identifying security visibility gaps

Fix inefficient security processes

Create attack signal clarity

Address security analyst burnout

KPMG Effective Security Observability Overview

Delivering effective security observability (ESO) is key to the success of any cyber strategy.
There are 5 steps involved.

1) Vision

Gain insight into business requirements, define the SOC (Security Operations Center) strategy.

2) Validate

Define the ESO target operating model and technology.

3) Construct

Define use cases, workflows, solution architecture, and integrations.

4) Deploy

Apply Vectra Attack Signal Intelligence™, Go Live.

5) Evolve

ESO value realization, steady state, continuous improvement.

The key ingredient: Vectra platform with Attack Signal Intelligence

The Vectra platform harnessing Security AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence empowers KPMG and its clients to erase unknown threats across global hybrid and multicloud environments.

Attack Coverage

Erase unknown threats across 4 of your 5 attack surfaces – cloud, SaaS, identity, networks.

Signal Clarity

Harness Attack Signal Intelligence™ to automatically detect, triage and prioritize unknown threats.

Intelligent Control

Arm human intelligence to hunt, investigate and respond to unknown threats.

Cyber Compliance & Resilience

KPMG and Vectra AI collaborate to provide expert advisory for enhanced cybersecurity compliance and resilience in accordance with worldwide cyber regulations.

Critical Infrastructure

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Cyber threat to critical infrastructure

How to deal with it and what to watch out for?

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Are you Putting Critical Infrastructure at Risk?

What steps can you take to ensure that your organization is not the weakest link in the chain of critical infrastructure?

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Solution Brief

KPMG and Vectra: Delivering Security Observability and Unmatched Signal Clarity

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KPMG and Vectra AI join forces to reduce cyber risk for hybrid cloud enterprises

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What is Effective Security Observability (ESO)?

To prevent attacks, organizations need to use technology and implement proper processes and governance.

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