Crowsdtrike + Vectra integration

Vectra + ServiceNow

By integrating Vectra and ServiceNow, organizations can automate their incident response processes and improve their overall cybersecurity posture while simultaneously reducing the burden on security personnel.

Vectra + ServiceNow integration

Vectra and ServiceNow can help organizations accelerate their cybersecurity incident response

Accelerate Your Cyber Security Incident Management with Vectra and ServiceNow Integration

Integrate Threat Detection and Security Incident Response

Streamline Threat Detection and Response Processes

Consolidate and streamline processes to deliver effective and efficient security operations.

  • Native integration of Vectra Attack Signal Intelligence™ with ServiceNow ITSM and Security Incident and Response Management
  • Align AI driven threat detection, IT service management, and security incident response management.
  • Improve time to threat response and incident resolution.
  • Enhance security incident reporting and communications to stakeholders.
  • Strengthen governance, risk, and compliance posture.
  • Increase productivity of security and incident management teams.
Vectra and Servicenow integration

Vectra and ServiceNow Integration at work

Vectra erases the unknown with the best AI-driven threat detection and response platform for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises.

The Now Platform from ServiceNow helps organizations to optimize processes, connect data and organizational silos, and accelerate innovation at scale.

Combining the power of the Vectra and ServiceNow Platforms to:

Threat detection cybersecurity platform screenshot
  • Detect real threats faster.
  • Automatically triage and prioritize threats.
  • Respond to incidents at speed.
  • Erase the unknown threat.
  • Secure the enterprise.
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Delivering Coverage, Clarity, and Intelligent Control with Vectra and ServiceNow

Attack Coverage

Erase unknown threats across 4 of your 5 attack surfaces – cloud, SaaS, identity, networks.

Signal Clarity

Harness Attack Signal Intelligence to automatically detect, triage and prioritize unknown threats.

Intelligent Control

Arm human intelligence to hunt, investigate and respond to unknown threats.

Automate and optimize security operations work across the enterprise.

Connect siloes to create seamless experiences for employees and customers.

Create new value by enabling innovation at scale and speed.  

Vectra and Servicenow integration process

Two Vectra modules available for ServiceNow

Prioritize detections using Vectra’s certainty and threat scores. Automatically sync with the ServiceNow Platform. Simple installation process.

  • Vectra Threat Detection for ITSM - allows ServiceNow users to manage Vectra events and incidents like other ‘helpdesk’ events.
  • Vectra Threat Detection for Security Operation - includes the functionality of the ITSM module but extends it to end-to-end security incident management including case management, runbooks, and orchestration. (Note - ITSM Module is not required if you deploy Vectra Threat Detection for Security Operation)
Available at the ServiceNow Store

Key Features

  • Ability to create Security Incidents from Accounts and Hosts.
  • Automatically creates Security Incidents in ServiceNow based on the specified criteria.
  • Fetch detections based on Accounts and Hosts.
  • Ability to download a PCAP file attached to a detection.
  • Ability to mark the detection/s as fixed from ServiceNow to Vectra Detect.
  • Manage tags of host, account, and detections from ServiceNow to Vectra Detect.
  • Ability to enrich the observables based on IP(s).
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Extend your Best-of-Breed Security Operations with Vectra ASI Integrations

Organisations can extend the benefits of the Vectra and ServiceNow integration by leveraging further native integrations with endpoint detection and response (EDR), security information and event management (SIEM), security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), firewall, network observability, identity and access management (IAM), and cloud service providers.

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