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The integration of Cognito® Detect from Vectra® with VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ Endpoint enables security teams to automate the detection of hidden cyber attackers in real time, while unifying network and endpoint context to quickly verify and isolate advanced threats in the enterprise.

Together, Cognito Detect and Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint solve the most persistent security problems facing enterprise organizations today: Finding and stopping active cyber attacks while getting the most out of limited time and manpower of IT security teams.

The need for a new approach to security

Modern cyber attackers can easily evade prevention security defenses at the network perimeter. Unable to rely solely on prevention defenses, security teams must manually investigate threats and sift through the noise in search of a weak signal.

In practice, this often means that cyberattacks are first detected and reported by an external third party, turning their discovery into a post-breach forensic drill rather than a proactive attack mitigation exercise.

A new model of threat detection

Cognito Detect from Vectra automates the detection of hidden cyberthreats by continuously analyzing all network traffic – from cloud and data center workloads to user and IoT devices – to detect the earliest signs of attacker behaviors.

In addition to automatically correlating detected threats with host devices that are under attack, Cognito Detect provides unique context about what attackers are doing and prioritizes threats that pose the biggest risk. This enables security teams to quickly focus their time and resources on preventing or mitigating loss.

Using artificial intelligence, Cognito Detect combines data science, machine learning and behavioral analytics to reveal the attack behaviors without signatures or reputation lists. Cognito Detect even exposes threats in encrypted traffic without using decryption.

Easily integrate network and endpoint context

When a threat is detected, Cognito Detect and CB Cloud Endpoint provide security teams with instant access to additional information for verification and investigation. Host identifiers and other hose device data from VMware CarbonBlack are automatically shown in the Cognito Detect UI.

Next, a single click allows security teams to easily pivot between the Cognito Detect UI and the CB Cloud Endpoint UI for the same host device or to securely connect directly to the host device using the CB Cloud Endpoint LiveResponse capability.

CB Cloud Endpoint easily reveals traits and behaviors of a threat that are only visible inside the host device, while CB Cloud does the same for cloud workloads. This enables security teams to quickly and conclusively verify a cyberthreat while also learning more about how the threat behaves on the host device – or in the cloud – itself.

Take action with Lockdown

In addition to reducing the time to investigate threats, Cognito Detect andCB Cloud Endpoint let security teams take swift, decisive action. Armed with network and endpoint context, security teams can quickly isolate compromised host devices from the network to halt cyberattacks and avoid data loss.

The Host Lockdown feature enables the Vectra Cognito platform to automatically disable hosts that demonstrate suspicious activity at the endpoint or through cloud apps. If analysts need to take matters into their own hands, they have the option to manually disable hosts during a security investigation. Disabling a host will significantly slow down an active attack by limiting an attacker’s access to additional resources. This drastically curtails the attack’s reach and gives theSecurity Operations Center (SOC) more time to investigate and remediate attacks.

Host Lockdown ensures that automation causes as little disruption as possible while giving you greater confidence that attackers are stopped in their tracks.

About Vectra

As a leader in network detection and response (NDR), Vectra® AI protects your data, systems and infrastructure. Vectra AI enables your SOC team to quickly discover and respond to would-be attackers —before they act.

Vectra AI rapidly identifies suspicious behavior and activity on your extended network, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Vectra will find it, flag it, and alert security personnel so they can respond immediately.

Vectra AI is Security that thinks®. It uses artificial intelligence to improve detection and response over time, eliminating false positives so you can focus on real threats.

About VMware Carbon Black

VMware Carbon Black has designed the most complete next-gen endpoint security platform, enabling organizations to stop the most attacks, see every threat, close security gaps, and evolve their defenses. The VMware CarbonBlack Cloud™ Endpoint Platform helps organizations of all sizes replace legacy antivirus technology, lock down systems, and arm incident response teams with advanced tools to proactively hunt down threats.