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The Vectra® Threat Detection and Response® platform integration with Falcon Insight™ endpoint detection and response from CrowdStrike® enables security teams to unify network and endpoint context to detect, verify and isolate cyberattacks in the enterprise quickly and automatically.

Together, Vectra and CrowdStrike solve the most persistent security problems facing enterprise organizations today: finding and stopping active cyberattacks and optimising the time and resources of IT security teams.

When it comes to hunting down and responding to network cyberattacks, even a highly qualified team of security analysts can be overburdened by manual, inefficient processes and lack of visibility. Analysts need real-time visibility and context across any surface an attacker could infiltrate. By harnessing Vectra’s patented Security AI with CrowdStrike, security teams gain full visibility of threats across network and endpoints.

Why integrate Vectra AI with Crowdstrike?

  • Single unified view across endpoint and network activity with active detections across all data sources to allow incidents to be found before they can cause harm.
  • The view is organized by severity and threat score, allowing administrators to easily see the most critical threats and those that require immediate attention.
  • Ability to drill down into CrowdStrike from the entity list and see all attacker behaviors observed for a specific entity.
  • Seamlessly access and analyze data from the network and endpoint to accelerate incident investigation and response time.
  • Use the network and endpoint context to isolate compromised hosts from the network to halt cyberattacks and avoid data loss.

Key Benefits include:

  • Single view of priorities, across hosts, accounts, and data sources.
  • Seamlessly transition between Vectra and CrowdStrike for deep investigations.
  • Automated threat detection and response solution for both the network and endpoint.
vectra crowdstrike integration

Erase the Unknown by Integrating Vectra and CrowdStrike

From within the CrowdStrike dashboard, customers can leverage Vectra to gain coverage with attack visibility and context across surfaces, clarity that reduces alert noise and prioritizes critical threats and control to see and stop threats across an existing stack.

  • Coverage: Vectra’s AI-driven detections are triaged to deliver a high-quality signal in the CrowdStrike dashboard, providing deep context about every attack across multiple attack surfaces—public cloud, SaaS, identity, network, and endpoints.
  • Clarity: Security teams can easily prioritize critical threats due to an 80% reduced noise rate. The integration of Vectra’s Security AI provides attack intelligence data to CrowdStrike, so teams can address real threats faster.
  • Control: Analysts gain an optimized process to see all threat data across existing stacks and surfaces in the CrowdStrike dashboard and can connect to the Vectra platform for complete threat investigations. All too often security teams operate in the unknown. The unknown caused by ever-expanding attack surfaces, evasive and evolving attacker methods and overwhelming alert noise that attackers use to hide in plain sight. The unknown is what gives attackers the upper hand. By combining Vectra Security AI with CrowdStrike endpoint detection and response—security operations teams can erase the unknowns and turn the tables on attackers.