Vectra and Endace - Enhancing Cybersecurity Together


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Vectra AI and Endace have joined forces to redefine network security. Our partnership combines Vectra's advanced threat detection and response platform with Endace's unparalleled network recording capabilities, offering businesses an unmatched layer of security.

Together, we empower businesses with comprehensive insights across cloud, data centers, IoT devices, and enterprise networks. Vectra's cutting-edge analysis and detection seamlessly integrate with EndaceProbe’s packet capture, providing a robust solution for identifying and responding to cyber threats with precision and speed.

The Benefits for Your Business

Leveraging our partnership offers numerous advantages:

  • Real-time Detection: Automatically identify in-progress cyberattacks that bypass traditional defenses.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Utilize machine learning and behavioral analysis for a deep understanding of all phases of an attack.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Achieve swift investigation and remediation with one-click access to definitive evidence.
  • Definitive Evidence: Secure an accurate record of all relevant network traffic, ensuring nothing is missed.

Incorporate our joint solutions to fortify your cybersecurity posture, enabling faster response times and reducing the risk of significant breaches.