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Microsoft Azure Sentinel
Microsoft Azure Sentinel

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Why integrate Vectra AI with Microsoft Sentinel

The integration of Vectra AI with Microsoft Sentinel enables seamless collaboration between the two platforms. With this integration, Vectra detections are directly brought to the Microsoft Sentinel workbook, allowing for immediate attention and response. Customers can automate incidents in Microsoft Sentinel based on Vectra threat prioritization, leveraging Sentinel for forensic analysis to identify the devices, accounts, and attackers involved. The integration goes beyond detection, helping customers contain threats before they impact the business by providing richer context and automating response actions.

Integrating Vectra AI with Microsoft offers several benefits for customers:

- Immediate attention: Vectra detections are integrated into Microsoft Sentinel, ensuring that potential threats are promptly addressed.
- Enhanced analysis: Customers can leverage Microsoft Sentinel's capabilities for forensic analysis and investigation, gaining deeper insights into security incidents.
- Rich context: The integration provides a more comprehensive understanding of threats by combining Vectra AI's advanced threat detection with Microsoft Sentinel's extensive data and analysis tools.
- Automated response: Customers can automate incident response actions based on Vectra's threat prioritization, helping contain and mitigate threats more efficiently.
- Easy deployment: Vectra AI does not require any agents to be deployed, making the integration process quick and hassle-free. Customers can be up and running with Vectra AI in hours or even minutes.
- Compatibility: Vectra AI integrates smoothly with existing security stacks, including Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, SMS, or SASE firewall.
- Proof of value: Customers have the opportunity to test Vectra AI's capabilities in their own environment through a proof of value, ensuring that the platform meets their specific needs.
- Additional resources: Vectra AI offers resources such as Vectra Detect for Azure Active Directory and a free Vectra Protect Microsoft Azure Active Directory scan, allowing customers to explore and evaluate the platform's capabilities.

By integrating Vectra AI with Microsoft, customers can fortify their security posture, improve incident response, and proactively mitigate cyber threats.