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Move at the speed
of attackers

When cyberattacks take minutes, response shouldn’t take months

Vectra’s AI-driven threat detection and response platform lets you match the pace of hybrid and multi-cloud attackers.

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See real-time lateral movement — and stop it

Attack progression is measured in minutes, sometimes seconds. To move at the same speed and prevent lateral movement, you need to identify real threats with real AI designed to find critical activity in a multi-dimensional space. Vectra empowers your team with threat intelligence that:

Thinks like an

to zero in on TTPs post-compromise

Knows what’s malicious

to your organization’s unique environment

Focuses on what’s urgent

across the entire attack surface

Sees through encryption

to find attackers without forcing you to decrypt using the power of recurrent neural networks and deep learning

Learns account privilege

to zero in on credential attacks by automatically discovering and focusing on the accounts most useful to attackers

Follows attack progression

to track attackers as they move to your network from the cloud by focusing on the tactics they use to hide

Turn the tables on attackers - for good

Cloud complexity. Alert fatigue. Analyst burnout. These are the challenges facing enterprise security operations teams today. But that doesn't have to be your story.
Vectra platform
See and stop threats with less work and fewer tools, in less time.

Attack Coverage

Get full visibility across your network, identity, cloud and SaaS environments.

Signal Clarity

Automate detection, triage and prioritization with AI-driven threat intelligence.

Intelligent Control

Hunt, investigate and stop real attacks in minutes with built-in context and controls.

Need reinforcements? Extend your team with 24x7x365 Vectra MDR analysts.

Future proof your attack defense

Choose the model that works for you today. As your infrastructure evolves, Vectra AI will scale with you.

The Vectra AI platform modular design lets you easily add and integrate as needed.

Network Detection and Response

Respond to attacks across clouds and data centers.

Identity Detection and Response for Azure AD

Know when your Azure AD services are compromised.

Cloud Detection and Response for Microsoft 365

See when M365 apps and data are under attack.

Cloud Detection and Response for AWS

Stay ahead of attacks targeting AWS apps and data.

Managed Detection and Response

Team up with Vectra MDR analysts and stop attacks in minutes.

Technology Partners

Use native integrations to existing security tools for end-to-end protection.


Built to amplify and accelerate the analyst experience


Automate with intelligent AI


Automatically correlate, score and rank incidents by urgency across all network, identity, cloud and SaaS environments.


Distinguish malicious from benign with security automation that learns your environment to reduce alert noise 80% or more.


Analyze attacker behavior (TTPs) post-compromise and in real time, with coverage for more than 90% of MITRE ATT&CK techniques.


Arm analysts to investigate and hunt


Get full visibility into the whos, whats, wheres, whens and hows surrounding each event, whether triggered by Vectra or other security tools.


Provide analysts with lighted pathways that serve as quick start guides when investigating detections triggered by Vectra.


Query Azure AD, M365 and AWS control plane logs within the Vectra AI platform to streamline hunting and investigations.


Take control with targeted response


Consolidate threat visibility and context on attacker activity across network, public cloud, identity and SaaS apps.


Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of EDR, SIEM, SOAR and ITSM providers to optimize your existing workflows and playbooks.


Take immediate action, either manual or automated, to lockdown an identity, isolate an endpoint, or trigger a playbook.

Discover the Vectra AI difference

See how Vectra's AI-driven platform arms security architects and engineers with complete coverage, clarity and control.


Vectra Platform Overview

See how Vectra prioritizes real threats so you can turn the tables on attackers.
Solution brief

Protect Your OT with the Vectra Platform

Explore capabilities that help defend against operational technology attacks.
Solution brief

Securing Hybrid Cloud with the Vectra platform and services

Learn how Vectra gives you coverage across all major hybrid cloud attack surfaces.

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Sanofi logo

How Sanofi stopped a dangerous cyberattack with Vectra AI.

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Sanofi stops cyberattack with Vectra AI
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Ricoh stops cyberattack with Vectra AI

Why Ricoh Global turned to Vectra after a ransomware scare.

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Blackstone stops cyberattack with Vectra AI

How Blackstone reduced alert noise on Microsoft 365 by 90%.

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American University logo

“Vectra has reduced the time it takes us to respond to attacks by approximately 20 percent.”

Eric Weakland
Director, Information Security
American University

Northside Hospital logo

“With our deployment of Vectra, we've been able to pull in data that otherwise would not have been available to us. Their platform allows us to discover everything on our side of our egress firewall. It's giving us tremendous amounts of value.”

Martin Fisher
Northside Hospital

Tallink logo

“We came to a conclusion that Vectra is actually number one, and it was easier to use, it was lot less noise. The detection of things going on in our network was also excellent. So, I really liked it actually, and so does my team.”

Kalev Noor
Head of Infrastrucure and Operations
Tallink Grupp

GMMH NHS Foundation Trust logo

“Before we deployed Vectra, we had limited visibility into malicious behaviors inside network traffic or Office 365. We’re impressed by what we can now see.”

Kevin Orritt
ICT Security Manager
GMMH NHS Foundation Trust

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust logo

“We deployed Vectra over a weekend. Within three or four days, we could see the actual number of IP addresses on our Network which was seven thousand plus.”

Rizwan Majeed
ICT Security Manager
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

Greenhill logo

Detect for O365 is a windfall in light of how attackers are compromising and taking over accounts. As a long-time Vectra customer, I have confidence in identifying and stopping privilege escalation and account takeovers in Office 365.”

John Shaffer

“We needed a single security operations center (SOC). With help from Vectra, we underwent a very rapid investment in their platform and our modernized SOC became fully operational in just two to three months.”

Gustavo Ricco
Security Operations Manager
Fenaco Informatik

ed&F Man logo

“We used to get 200 alerts a week. Now with Vectra, we have four or five a month.”

Carmelo Gallo
Cybersecurity Manager
ED&F Man Holdings Ltd.

Northside Hospital logo

“Our engineers started using Vectra within 12 hours of it being turned on. We brought it up at one hospital initially and within 12 hours, two of our engineers were using it as part of an investigation. That's insanely fast!”

Martin Fisher
Northside Hospital

Hyde Housing Group logo

“Vectra AI really comes in handy because it simplifies hundreds or thousands of alerts and it only gives you a couple. These few alerts will allow you to invest time and look into them because you know they are of value.”

Mantas Marcinkevicius
IT Security Manager
Hyde Housing Group

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