See and stop threats across hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises

The Vectra threat detection & response platform captures packets and logs across your public cloud, SaaS, federated identity and data center networks. It applies patented security-led AI to surface, and prioritize threats and integrates into your security stack for rapid response.

Threat detection and response at enterprise scale in real-time

Capture. Capture relevant data everywhere without agents, at scale.

Analyze. Pinpoints attacker activity with security-led AI optimized for each data source.

Integrate. Integrates with your existing security stack for context, workflow, and response.

The Vectra Threat Detection and Response Platform

Our AI pinpoints attacker methods, not just weird events.

Start by capturing the right data with the right context

Public Cloud

Capture relevant logs using API calls with read-only permissions.

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Capture identity data using Kerberos traffic, windows event log ingestion, and Azure AD Graph API.

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Capture relevant logs using API calls with read-only permissions.

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Capture traffic using cloud, virtual, or physical sensors. Even deploy hundreds of sensors that can scale up to 50 Gbps each.

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Analyze captured data using security-led AI

The Vectra Platform extracts hundreds of metadata elements from captured data and applies security-led AI to detect attacker methods in every domain. This gets attributed to relevant accounts or hosts to prioritize the entities and provide a unified view of threats across your hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

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Integrate into your existing security stack for context, workflow, and response

Vectra has a broad set of native integrations and robust API that can fit into your unique security stack and workflow.


Native integration with popular EDRs provides host context as well as automatic host lockdown capabilities.

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Bi-directional integration with ticketing systems such as Jira, ServiceNow, TheHive, and Resilient.

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Native apps in popular SIEMs such as Splunk, Microsoft Sentinel, IBM QRadar, and more.

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ZScaler ZPA log ingestion for traffic correlation delivers visibility into attacker methods over ZPA.

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Pre-built playbooks for popular SOARs including Splunk Phantom and PAN XSOAR.

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Threat Intelligence

Ingest threat intel from STIX, TAXII, or threat intelligence platforms to customize IoC detection.

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Vectra uses AI to detect threats early and accurately across hybrid and multi-cloud attack surfaces.

Unified threat visibility for public cloud, SaaS, identity, and network.

Hybrid Cloud

See and stop attacks across your entire hybrid cloud – from physical and virtual data centers to AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Amazon Web Services

See and stop attacks leveraging cloud-native services, APIs, and network across your global AWS infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure AD

See and stop attacks targeting Azure AD accounts and federated applications and services.

Microsoft 365

See and stop attacks abusing native M365 applications and capabilities such as Teams, Sharepoint and Power Automate.

Data Center

See and stop attacks hijacking credentials, standard network protocols and services to move laterally across the data center – without decrypting traffic.

Managed Detection and Response

24/7/365 eyes-on-glass service that proactively investigates malicious activity.