Anatomy of a Living off the Land (LOTL) Attack

Vectra AI vs.
Volt Typhoon

How do you catch up to a highly skilled threat actor after they use stealthy living off the land techniques to evade traditional detection tools? We simulated a Volt Typhoon attack to find out.

How Vectra AI stopped a stealthy attacker from maintaining access

In this Volt Typhoon simulation, defenders were put to the test when the threat actor used everything within their power — command and control techniques, password spray techniques, brute force attempts — to avoid detection and live off the land across multiple hybrid attack surfaces. Armed with the highest threat signal efficacy, security analysts knew exactly where to focus efforts.

The attacker:

  • Thrives at hiding among normal activity
  • Leverages crafty tactics to go undetected
  • Moves across data center, cloud and identity surfaces

Defenders know:

  • Which activities are a real threat
  • When and where the actor moves
  • How to respond quickly to stop the attack
Response time
First Vectra Alert
5:02 A.M
Attack Stopped
5:22 A.M
Anatomy of a Living off the Land (LOTL) Attack

Stop living off the land techniques before any damage is done

The secret to stopping LOTL attacks? Attack Signal Intelligence™. Vectra AI’s patented AI-driven signal empowers defenders leveraging the Vectra AI Platform to move at the speed and scale of hybrid attackers — including state-sponsored actors like Volt Typhoon.

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With Vectra AI, living off the land techniques don't work

Once access is achieved, Volt Typhoon makes quick use of difficult-to-detect LOTL techniques to blend in with normal network activity. With 11 references in the MITRE D3FEND framework — more than any other vendor — only Vectra AI correlates behavioral detections across each attack surface so defenders know exactly where to focus efforts. Attack Signal Intelligence detects and prioritizes:

Prioritizing tactics for Volt Typhoon

  • This simulated attack was initiated through a compromised home office.
  • The threat actor attempted to gather local drive info and credential information to help go unnoticed.
  • Moving across multiple surfaces, the actor gathered info along the way to advance and hide their tracks.
  • Even with a stealthy attack, defenders were able to prioritize threat actor activity before data was exfiltrated.
Prioritizing tactics for Volt Typhoon

Keep LOTL attacks from becoming data breaches

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