Stop privileged account takeover attacks

Attackers use privileged accounts to steal data and disrupt operations, without ever needing to run an exploit. With security AI, you can see and stop privileged account takeover attacks from becoming breaches.

Account takeover is used in >70% of cyberattacks. Are yours secure?

It’s not a matter of if usernames and passwords will be compromised, but when. And as soon as an attacker gains unauthorized account access, they'll be free to move laterally across your organization.


Stolen credentials are the most common entry point for breaches.*


7 in 10 breaches start with human elements like privilege misuse and user credentials.*

Attackers will find gaps in permissions

Attackers know the complexities of managing account permissions across network, cloud and SaaS apps leave gaps for them to abuse. Between dark web purchases and brute force attacks, they can easily crack passwords and takeover accounts.

Detecting compromised login credentials in real time is the only proven way to prevent lateral movement.

Vectra AI continuously monitors user activity across hybrid and multi-cloud in real-time to enable SOC teams to stop account takeover attacks in minutes. With a platform powered by Attack Signal Intelligence™, you can move at the speed of attackers.

AI threat detection patents

MITRE D3FEND references

coverage of relevant MITRE and ATT&CK techniques

Your privileged accounts span your business — so should your detection coverage

AI-driven detections

Attack Signal Intelligence monitors local and domain joined accounts, including domain admins, to find attackers moving laterally through your hybrid cloud environment.

Azure AD response

Stop attackers from gaining access to your SaaS app data with compromised Azure AD accounts. Vectra AI detects initial access to Azure AD actions against the Azure AD backend and progression into M365 applications.

AWS response

Don’t let stolen AWS credentials impact your cloud data and operations. Vectra AI lets you identify and stop attackers using credentials against the AWS control plane before they can orchestrate full attacks.

Stop ransomware before it starts

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Vectra AI empowers your analysts to see and stop account takeover attacks in minutes.

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Respond faster, before a breach happens

When Nissho Electronics Corp was concerned about a spike in credential abuse and account takeovers, the team turned to Vectra AI. See how the platform helps them stop cyberattacks in record time.

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Stop credential abuse that’s become common

Before Vectra AI, the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust had limited visibility into malicious behaviors. Now the team can see and stop account takeover fraud in minutes.

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I have confidence in stopping privilege escalation

An early adopter of Vectra AI, Greenhill continues to rely on Attack Signal Intelligence to stop in-progress attacks. See how the team is winning the race against attackers.

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Detecting account takeover attempts with Vectra AI

Your enterprise already has plenty of prevention tools in place to monitor login attempts and unauthorized access. And your employees have no doubt been trained on the dangers of social media and sharing personal information. But what about business emails that have already been compromised? How will you prevent lateral movement and stop identity-based attacks in real time?

Vectra AI puts three critical best practices at your fingertips.

1. Privileged Access Analytics

The first thing cyberattackers do after slipping past your prevention tools? Move laterally in search of privileged accounts — ones that can access sensitive data. With AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence, you see and stop progression along this privileged pathway before a breach occurs.

Vectra AI learns account privilege with patented Privileged Access Analytics (PAA) to automatically focus on accounts most useful to attackers. It’s the fastest, most effective way to stop attacks in their tracks.

Screenshot of the Vectra Platform's dashboard highlighting important alerts to prioritize and reduce noise.
Screenshot of the investigation functionality of the Vectra Platform

2. Early detection

Over-reliance on prevention tools means many SOC teams are constantly playing catch up with business email compromise and other exploits. But with today’s automated AI-driven detection, credential-based attacks aren’t nearly as difficult to detect as they once were.

AI-driven security understands the privilege of your users and how attackers abuse it. Vectra AI uses patented algorithms to learn the underlying privilege of an account and detect cases where attackers abuse that privilege. These detection events are correlated across your network and cloud to provide a clear view of account compromise, regardless of where an attacker is active.

3. Attack signal clarity

As enterprises shift to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, security leaders are plagued by “more.” More attack surface. More security alerts. More anomalies to monitor and rules to maintain. But with thousands of false positives, it’s impossible to see where the organization is actually compromised.

That’s why the Vectra AI platform uses machine learning to detect patterns and distinguish malicious activity from benign events. When a critical alert appears, you know it’s worth investigating. It’s how our customers stop account takeover attacks before any damage is done.

Screenshot of the Vectra Platform and the respond functionality to block threats

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