Prevent Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are more aggressive than ever, and they’re targeting organizations across a wide range of industries. We’re here to help you prevent them from wreaking havoc on your environment.

Are APT threat actors evading your SOC?

Whether deployed by nation-state actors or through a supply chain attack, APT groups know how to outsmart your security prevention tools. And once they’ve gained access to your environment, evading detection is easy.


Nearly three-quarters of SOC analysts admit their organizations may have been compromised and they don’t know it yet.


Virtually all analysts at large organizations worry they’ll miss a relevant security event because it was buried in a flood of alerts.

It’s time to turn the tables on APT attackers

Get the upper hand with AI-driven detection and response

While fortifying your defenses is essential, 100% prevention is impossible. Once attackers bypass your prevention tools, every second counts — it’s only a matter of time before your intellectual property is exposed.

The Vectra AI Platform solves this problem. Our platform is powered by AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence™ to find the attacks other solutions can’t, so you can see and stop active APT attacks in minutes.

AI threat detection patents

MITRE D3FEND references

coverage of relevant MITRE and ATT&CK techniques

See and stop active APT attacks anywhere in your environment

AI-driven detections

Automated AI-driven detections focus on the methods attackers use to move laterally across identity, public cloud, SaaS and data center networks.

Advanced investigations

Security-led AI stitches together attack progression with the right context, empowering security teams to investigate and respond in minutes.

24x7x365 coverage

APT groups don’t take vacations — and neither should your threat detection. Vectra AI gives you 24/7 coverage with skilled reinforcements.

Stop ransomware before it starts

Keep APT attacks from stealing data

See how the Vectra AI Platform outperformed all other security measures to help SOC analysts stop a simulated attack in minutes.

Detected the threat in minutes.

One global retailer considered multiple threat detection and response vendors, but there was only one clear winner. See how security analysts shut down active attacks in minutes with Vectra AI.

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Stop credential abuse that’s become commonCritical visibility into threat behaviors.

When Under Armour CISO Alex J. Attumalil needed powerful threat intelligence, he turned to Vectra AI. See why his team continues to rely on the platform to stay ahead of cyberattackers.

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Quickly stop threats that pose the highest risk.

Hidenori Okumura, product manager at Nissho Electronics Corp, has seen just how easy it is for attackers to slip past prevention tools. With Vectra AI, his team can detect and respond to attacks before a breach happens.

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Preventing Advanced Persistent Threats with Vectra AI

How do you find and stop the attackers already hiding in your environment — before they gain access to sensitive data? Vectra AI gives you three critical advantages over the enemy.

1. Coverage

Sophisticated attackers know where to hide, and can stay undetected for months or years while progressing across identity, public cloud, SaaS and data center networks.

With consolidated attack telemetry across your entire hybrid attack surface, the Vectra AI Platform provides the visibility you need to streamline threat hunting and investigations.

Screenshot of the Vectra Platform's dashboard highlighting important alerts to prioritize and reduce noise.
Screenshot of the investigation functionality of the Vectra Platform

2. Clarity

Many SOC teams are overwhelmed by alerts — don’t let attackers hide behind the flood of false positives.

Our patented Attack Signal Intelligence thinks like an attacker to expose all malicious behavior. By correlating and validating threat signals for accuracy, you know what’s urgent — so you can focus on real APT attacks in real time.

3. Control

As organizations shift to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, attackers are targeting unpatched third-party software and poorly configured on-premises servers.

Arm your SOC analysts with integrated, automated and co-managed investigation and response, so you can move at the speed and scale of APT attackers.

Screenshot of the Vectra Platform and the respond functionality to block threats

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Find out what’s hiding in your network — and fight back today with Vectra AI.

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