Avoid data breaches with AI-driven detection

Personal information. Financial information. Social security numbers. It's all in the cloud — and all it takes is one misconfiguration or stolen set of credentials for hackers to gain access to your sensitive data. The sooner you can identify an active attack, the better positioned you’ll be to protect against breaches.

Don’t let a data breach at your company become the next hacker headline

For eight in 10 enterprises, it’s not IF a data breach will happen — but when. Usually more than once, and often in the cloud.*


More than half of breaches occur in the cloud.*


For companies with public clouds, the average cost of a data breach is $5 million.


Early data breach detection is critical

When data breaches occur in minutes, detection and response shouldn’t take months. But once a security threat slips past prevention tools and into your hybrid or multi-cloud environment, attackers can blend in and progress unseen. Sometimes for months or years. 


of successful cyberattacks use vulnerabilities that are more than two years old*

287 days

It takes most organizations 212 days to identify a breach, and another 75 to contain it.**

Go beyond prevention and DLP to stop data breaches

With AI-driven detection and response, you can stop attackers before they find sensitive data — let alone steal it.

Data loss prevention (DLP) technology is meant to stop legitimate users from violating policies. But it’s no match for attackers bent on evading compliance controls to steal sensitive information. And while intrusion prevention and detection systems have grown in popularity, many companies are discovering these tools can’t stop sophisticated attacks already inside the data center.  

There’s only one proven way to stop a data security breach after prevention fails — early detection.

The Vectra AI platform is purpose-built to identify the earliest stages of attacks. It’s powered by Attack Signal Intelligence™, the industry’s most powerful cybersecurity AI, to move at the speed of attackers.

AI threat detection patents

MITRE D3FEND references

coverage of relevant MITRE and ATT&CK techniques

Vectra AI protects everywhere your data resides

AI-driven detections

Once attackers bypass your perimeter, time is all that matters. Attack Signal Intelligence detects the methods attackers use to escalate privileges and move laterally across data centers, public cloud and SaaS.

Advanced investigations

After detection, response is key. Vectra AI knows your environment and gives you complete visibility. You’ll see which host devices, workloads and user accounts are impacted, so you can investigate quickly and easily.

24x7x365 coverage

Hackers don’t take holidays — and neither should your data breach protection. With Vectra AI, you can team up with skilled analyst reinforcements to co-defend your hybrid or multi-cloud environment — every hour of every day.

Stop ransomware before it starts

Faster is better

Stolen and compromised credentials are the most common causes of data breaches — and take the longest to identify.*

Vectra AI empowers your analysts to see and stop identity-based attacks in minutes. Take the interactive tour to see how.

Stop attack

“Cyberattacks are going to happen.”

Jojo Maalouf, IT security manager at Hydro Ottawa, knows how critical it is to detect and remediate threats as quickly as possible. See why his team relies on Vectra AI to stop active attacks before valuable data is stolen.

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“Quickly stop threats that pose the highest risk.”

Hidenori Okumura, product manager at Nissho Electronics Corp, has seen just how easy it is for hackers to evade firewalls, IDS and other prevention tools. With Vectra AI, his team can detect and respond to early attack behaviors before a breach happens.

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“Our IDS and IPS couldn’t keep up.”

For one 11,000-employee real estate firm, complex intrusion detection and prevention systems had become "virtually unusable." So the director of cybersecurity turned to Vectra AI to relieve overburdened security teams and stop active attacks fast.

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3 critical steps to prevent data breaches

You already have a firewall, endpoint detection and other prevention tools in place. And you know how important it is to train employees on social engineering and strong password use.

But try as you might, no enterprise can keep attackers from gaining access forever. How do you find and stop the attackers already hiding in your environment — before they gain access to sensitive data?

Vectra AI puts three critical best practices at your fingertips.

1. AI-driven threat detection and response

Enterprises that use AI and automation contain breaches 74 days faster than those that don’t.* The Vectra AI platform provides automated AI-driven detection, prioritization and triage so you can:

  • Analyze attacker behavior (TTPs) post-compromise, covering more than 90% of MITRE ATT&CK techniques.
  • Correlate, score and rank incidents by urgency level across your entire network, identity, cloud and SaaS infrastructure. 
  • Distinguish between malicious and benign events to stop REAL attacks in real time — instead of sorting through false positives.
Screenshot of the Vectra Platform's dashboard highlighting important alerts to prioritize and reduce noise.
Screenshot of the investigation functionality of the Vectra Platform

2. Fewer alerts

Too many security analysts are overburdened with “thousands of alerts” and “hundreds of false positives.” One of the best ways to improve breach detection is to turn up the volume on alerts that signify actual threats.

The Vectra AI platform uses Attack Signal Intelligence to do just that. This powerful cybersecurity AI automatically discovers and focuses on the accounts most useful to attackers. When a critical alert appears, you know it’s worth investigating. It’s how our customers find 3x more threats while reducing alert noise 80% or more.

3. More visibility

To be effective, your SecOps team needs to know your environment better than the hackers who infiltrate it. That’s why Vectra AI provides complete context and clarity to reveal the earliest signs of attacker activity, without adding complexity or cost.

With unified visibility across your entire hybrid or multi-cloud attack surface, Vectra AI can focus on what attackers use to hide — like M365 Power Automate and AWS admin API calls. You’ll always have the full narrative of an attack to stop breaches long before any damage is done.


Screenshot of the Vectra Platform and the respond functionality to block threats

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