Stolen credentials are used in 85% of cyberattacks, are yours secure?

Attackers use accounts to steal data and impact operations, without ever needing to run an exploit. Security-led AI sees and stops attacks abusing accounts before damage is done.

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Attackers will find gaps in permissions to abuse

Using stolen accounts is a core attacker tactic. Attackers operate knowing that the complexities of managing account permissions across network, cloud and individual SaaS apps leave gaps for them to abuse which enable access and the ability to move laterally through a business.

Vectra’s AI monitors user activity across your network and cloud to find and stop attackers that steal and abuse accounts.

Your accounts span your business, so should your detection coverage

Attackers abuse accounts to move laterally through your hybrid-cloud

Monitor local and domain joined accounts, including domain admins, to find attackers moving laterally through your environment.

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Comprised Azure AD accounts give attackers access to your SaaS app data

Detect attacker’s initial access to Azure AD, actions against the Azure AD backend and progression into M365 applications.

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Stolen AWS credentials allow attackers to steal data and impact cloud operations

Identify attackers using credentials against the AWS control plane to orchestrate full attacks.

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Security-led AI understands the privilege of your users and how attackers abuse it

Vectra uses patented AI algorithms to learn the underlying privilege of an account and detect cases where attackers abuse that privilege. Detection events are correlated across your network and cloud to provide a clear view of an account compromise regardless of where an attacker is active.

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“The administrative privilege detection feature is the most valuable feature. The admin accounts are often highly accessible to the high-risk component of the environment. If those accounts are compromised or are being used in a suspicious manner, those are high-fidelity events for us to look into.”

– Head of Information Security at a financial services firm

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