Stop data breaches

The ultimate goal of most attacks is to steal data. With security-led AI, Vectra identifies attacks well before attackers can even find the data that matters, let alone steal it. The sooner you identify an attack, the better you can protect against data breaches.

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Go beyond prevention and DLP to stop data breaches

DLP technology is meant to stop legitimate users from violating policies, it is no match for attackers bent on stealing your data – using encryption and obfuscation to evade compliance controls.

Vectra identifies the earliest stages of attacks, detecting the methods that attackers use to escalate privileges, move laterally, and find and stage data across data centers, public cloud, and Microsoft M365. Early detection allows you to stop the attack before damage is done.

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Vectra protects everywhere your data resides

Our AI-driven NDR platform knows your environment

See, analyze and store network activity across your host systems for a complete and accurate picture of your organization.

Our NDR platform harnesses cyberattack signal intelligence

Native public cloud services, including AWS S3

Our NDR platform stops cyberattacks before they occur

Microsoft M365, including Sharepoint, OneDrive, Teams, and email

How We Do It: Security-led AI

Collect the right security data from cloud, enterprise networks, and SaaS applications

Vectra employs a powerful security-led approach to focus on attacker behavior mapped out in the MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND frameworks, which detects threats with confidence and certainty—while leveraging AI to automate this process.

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Understand more about the Vectra platform and its approach to threat detection and response.

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Vectra Platform functionalities

High-risk threats are no match for our customers

“Vectra uses AI-derived machine learning to detect and respond faster to early attack behaviors before a breach happens. It also identifies anomalous behaviors. All detections are prioritized so you can quickly stop threats that pose the highest risk. This is why we chose Vectra.”

– Hidenori Okumura, Product Manager of Corroboration Platforms, Nissho Electronics Corp