Protect against the next supply chain attack now with Vectra

Monitor the infrastructure that EDR doesn't

Attacks commonly target infrastructure – including VPNs and firewalls and IoT—which do not support EDR. Vectra monitors everything in your hybrid cloud networks, including infrastructure.

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Eliminate the vendor patch dependency

Supply chain vulnerabilities leave you dependent on patches from many vendors – meaning you don’t control your own destiny. Vectra delivers the confidence that you will know about any attack without waiting for patches.

Know sooner - even before IoCs

Supply chain attacks can stay undiscovered for months, leaving you exposed. Vectra allows you to see any sign of attack sooner, even before the threat is publicly disclosed and IoCs published.

Be ready for the next log4j

There will be a next time

Log4j highlighted the intricate dependencies in the software ecosystem – allowing a single vulnerability in an obscure package to expose every business to major risk. Vectra ensures that you will be well-prepared the next time this happens.

Security-led AI

See threats earlier across cloud, SaaS, identity, and data centers

Vectra has pioneered a security-led AI approach optimized to find attacker methods mapped out in the MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND frameworks. The result is better coverage with fewer false positives, enabling you to see supply chain threats earlier and stop them before damage is done.

Transform your SOC and stop attacks arising from supply chain compromise

Arm your team with high-fidelity attack detections, including east-west lateral movements, reconnaissance, command and control, and use of stolen accounts.

Automation to enable stretched security teams to effectively defend against supply chain exploits

Security-led AI surfaces attacker activities, stitches together attack progression with the right context, and prioritizes threats, empowering security teams to investigate and respond quickly with confidence.

Build long-term resilience against supply chain attacks

Vectra’s highly effective threat detection and response solution centers on attacker methods that are common across all attacks and are mapped out in the MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND frameworks.

Learn more about the Vectra platform

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