Vectra AI Recognized in the Forbes AI 50

April 28, 2023
Willem Hendrickx
Chief Revenue Officer
Vectra AI Recognized in the Forbes AI 50

As the 2023 RSA conference draws to a close, I am pleased to say that the major topic this year has been the leverage of AI tools in the field of cybersecurity. It is truly exciting to see the power of innovation and the tremendous potential of artificial intelligence shaping the future of our industry. 

Security vendors have been throwing around terms such as "artificial intelligence" (AI) and "machine learning" (ML) so casually that they have lost all meaning to many practitioners. This overuse has led to some vendors making promises that are impossible to keep, and it discredits the space overall. Let us not forget the simple truth that AI is an incredibly powerful tool that can help security teams find and stop modern attacks early. With its ability to stop the ransomware and ransomOps attacks that are top of mind today, we cannot underestimate the importance of this technology. 

So, let us be cautious in our use of these terms and not overpromise. And a special thanks to Forbes for recognizing Vectra AI in the Forbes AI 50 list, a shining example of the power of AI in cybersecurity. Forbes magazine has published many articles on significant advancements in AI and the impact this has had on businesses around the world. The Forbes AI 50 list recognizes companies that are at the forefront of the application of AI to solving difficult real-world problems. The first of these lists was published in 2019, and in 2023, start-ups were for the first time allowed to apply for inclusion in the list. I am proud that Vectra AI is a member of the 2023 Forbes AI 50. 

OpenAI and Databricks are just some of the companies who join Vectra AI on this list — each company is changing the game and transforming an industry. Companies were selected by a panel of independent judges with deep expertise in AI, and factors such as their revenue and growth rate, valuation, quality of staff, and the strength of their AI capabilities were considered by the judging panel. 

The listing recognizes the hard work and dedication of our Vectra R&D Team, who have been constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the application of AI to difficult cybersecurity problems. 

The Vectra AI Threat Detection and Response platform harnesses Security AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence, leveraging AI and data science to empower SOC teams to automatically detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time, enabling organizations to stay ahead of attackers and protect their critical assets. Our solution is used by many of the largest and most security-conscious organizations in the world, including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. 

Allow me to share one comment from our strategic partner KPMG: Koos Wolters, Head of Cyber Security & Data Privacy KPMG Netherlands:  

"As we all know, achieving high-quality cybersecurity necessitates a comprehensive strategy that brings together people, processes, and technology. That is why we are excited to collaborate with Vectra AI, an esteemed, award-winning team that recently earned a spot on the Forbes AI 50. With their expertise in delivering ground-breaking AI-powered cybersecurity solutions, our partnership enables us to provide our customers with the latest threat detection and response capabilities. In the spirit of collaboration, we join forces to assist clients in bolstering their defences against cyber threats and ensuring the safety of their most sensitive data." 

I would like to thank Koos for his commitment and trust and can only reaffirm that AI is a critical tool in shoring up cybersecurity defenses — and Vectra AI is a notable example of this. Our technology has the power to transform the way businesses achieve resilience by providing comprehensive threat detection and response capabilities. The future of AI is exciting, and we will continue to develop innovative and leading-edge AI-driven cybersecurity solutions to deliver the best Attack Signal Intelligence™ on the planet. 

As we work towards the goal of protecting our clients, we will always partner with other cybersecurity companies to deliver integrated, effective, and efficient solutions which transform their security operations. 

Let's turn the tables on attackers and make our world a safer place. The full list of Forbes AI 50 companies is available here

Merci beaucoup! 

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