Marthe Stegehuis

Senior Consultant Cyber Operations at KPMG Netherlands

Marthe is a Senior Consultant at KPMG and coordinating team member of the KPMG-Vectra alliance. With a broad track-record in the context of Digital Transformation and Data & Analytics, Marthe has extensive consulting experience with numerous companies in a variety of industries on a range of topics. Working with many different stakeholders, Marthe is experienced in every phase of project management – from starting up work streams to presenting final reports to the c-suite audience.​

Marthe has an educational background in International Business and Business Information Management, providing a sound foundation in working in the digital business context. In prior roles, Marthe has worked as workstream-lead in Digital Transformation trajectories and account manager of ongoing (marketing) analytics clients creating both strategy presentations as well as data dashboards.  Additional experience in working at the Dutch Ministry of Defence supplied Marthe with familiarity with involving, enabling, and empowering end-users with data-, IT- and security-related tools and processes.​

This combination enables Marthe to ensure the right stakeholder management and provide the correct level of digital foundation for the best outcome of your organization's security goals and needs.

Through this, she has helped organizations design security roadmaps, create incident management frameworks and processes, and more. Marthe is also active within the activities of KPMG Netherlands concerning nation state threats and how to mitigate this risk.