Vectra AI and Neutron Engineering Launch State-of-the-Art Security Operations Center as a Service

Customers benefit from best-in-breed engineering and security technology that fuels AI-powered cyber protections

April 12, 2022

SAN JOSE, Calif., April, 12 2022 — Vectra AI, a leader in AI-driven threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises, today announced the deployment of a new Security Operations Center As a Service (SOCaaS), powered by Neutron Engineering and the Vectra platform. The combination of Vectra’s leading cyber detection tools and Neutron’s innovative engineering and service delivery capabilities provides a unique opportunity to Federal, Commercial, and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) sectors to deliver AI-driven threat detection and response.   


“Malicious actors often strike victims at times when their defense mechanisms are at their weakest – during off-hours and on weekends and holidays,” said Brandon Lockett, CEO and Chief Solutions Architect at Neutron Engineering. “That is why all modern organizations need defense mechanisms in place that can automatically detect, respond to and remediate issues as soon as they occur. Our new service is purpose-built to deliver this, combining AI-based threat detection with professional support technology to offer the best protection against the growing threat of cyber adversaries.” 


Neutron’s SOCaaS powered by Vectra AI, is enabled to: 

  • Provide eyes-on security information and event management, delivering several levels of response capabilities from alerting to engaging
  • Reduce log fatigue, allowing security and operations teams to focus on the most critical active threats and campaigns
  • Detect new threat activity, see and stop ransomware, and identify insider threats 
  • Enhance governance and compliance initiatives while also helping organizations meet new cybersecurity regulations such as the President’s Executive Order (14028) and guidance on Zero Trust


“It’s become both a regulatory requirement and common sense reality that we, as business owners, must procure and maintain the resources necessary to protect our customers, employees, and business workflows. Neutron’s SOCaaS delivers the best solutions possible to ensure regulatory compliance while reinforcing an organization’s cyber posture to address a current and evolving threat environment,” said Lockett. 


“Many organizations, particularly those in the Federal space, are currently navigating through an array of different challenges as cyber regulations mount and security staffing shortages continue to proliferate,” said Michael Wilson, Federal Advanced Programs Group Manager at Vectra AI. “The demand for automated services that can stop threats materializing and ensure that compliance standards are upheld, has greatly increased. In collaboration with Neutron, we have created a SOCaaS that can deliver unmatched cybersecurity protections—expanding an organization’s visibility into active threat progressions and reducing the alert fatigue of security analysts, all while ensuring that cyber protocols are upheld.” 


To learn more about Neutron’s SOCaaS powered by Vectra AI, please visit:

Neutron Engineering


About Neutron Engineering

Neutron Engineering is a platform agnostic, multi-disciplined Technology Solutions Provider with a cleared-eyed focus on today’s Cyber threat. Neutron provides a plethora of Technology Solutions for businesses in all sectors.


About Vectra AI

Vectra® is a leader in threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises. The Vectra platform uses AI to detect threats at speed across public cloud, identity, SaaS applications, and data centers. Only Vectra optimizes AI to detect attacker methods—the TTPs at the heart of all attacks—rather than simplistically alerting on “different”. The resulting high-fidelity threat signal and clear context enables security teams to respond to threats sooner and to stop attacks in progress faster. Organizations worldwide rely on Vectra for cybersecurity resilience in the face of dangerous cyber threats and to prevent ransomware, supply chain compromise, identity takeovers, and other cyberattacks from impacting their businesses. For more information, visit 


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Allison Arvanitis

Lumina Communications for Vectra 

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