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Vectra + CrowdStrike

Together, Vectra and Falcon Insight partner to create an efficient security operations workflow that reduces response and investigation time, enabling security teams to quickly mitigate high-risk threats

Vectra + CrowdStrike integration

Detect and mitigate cyberattacks with Vectra and Crowdstrike

Armed with both network and endpoint context, SOC teams can quickly isolate compromised hosts to halt cyberattacks

Host identifiers and data from Falcon Insight are shown automatically in Vectra’s UI  to enrich Vectra’s detections

Single click pivot between the Vectra’s UI and the Falcon Insight UI for the same host when time is of the essence

Bring CrowdStrike Security Data into Vectra

  • Host identifiers and other host data from Falcon Insight are shown in the Vectra UI, saving valuable time for analysts
  • Use Vectra to quickly isolate compromised hosts from the network to halt cyberattacks and avoid data loss
  • Quick pivot between the Vectra UI and the Falcon Insight UI for the same host detection retains context during an investigation
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Crowsdtrike + Vectra integration

See how Vectra and CrowdStrike Partner Together

Demo: Vectra Integration with CrowdStrike Falcon
CrowdStrike & Vectra Support the SOC Visibility Triad

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