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Vectra AI vs. ExtraHop

Get more value from a network detection and response platform that’s simpler to use and reveals more threats than ExtraHop.

Vectra AI vs Extrahop

Why choose Vectra AI over ExtraHop?

80%+ alert fidelity

If you’re OK with thousands of daily alerts, ExtraHop Reveal(x) may be for you. But if you want to zero in on critical threats, Vectra AI is the better bet. Our Attack Signal Intelligence™ reduces alert noise 80% or more so you can stop real attacks in real time.

38x less workload

SOC teams that use Vectra AI have been known to double analyst productivity and identify 3x more threats — all while making workloads 38x lighter. Sure, ExtraHop may promise you more detections. But all that means is extra work for analysts.

24x7x365 support

Vectra Extended Managed Detection and Response provides skilled analysts who have deep expertise in Vectra AI for your team, right at your fingertips. Vectra MXDR analysts are the reinforcements you need to stay ahead of attackers. With ExtraHop, you’re on your own.

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“Vectra clearly outperformed ExtraHop. It’s so simple and intuitive to use and I didn’t need a five-day course to learn how to use it.”

Information Security Architect
Beauty industry retailer
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Compare Vectra AI to ExtraHop

Vectra AIExtraHop
Public Cloud
Attack coverage

Vectra AI provides complete attack coverage for network, identity, public cloud and SaaS.

ExtraHop only covers network natively, and simply reprints Microsoft detections to cover identity.

Vectra AIExtraHop
Prioritize what is urgent
Triage what is irrelevant
Detect attacker behavior
Managed extended detection with full-time analysts
Signal Clarity

Vectra’s powerful Attack Signal Intelligence provides the industry’s most accurate threat detection and response for modern cyber-attacks. It means less noise — and more clarity — to relieve SOC analysts from the pains of constant tuning and triaging.

ExtraHop prioritizes based solely on the number of alerts, with no assisted triage and no self-staffed MDR service offering.

Vectra AIExtraHop
Integrated Investigation with threat context
Native Targeted Response / Containment
Integrated Targeted Response / ContainmentLimited
Extended managed Response / Containment services
Intelligent Control

Only Vectra AI provides the native integrations SOC analysts need to investigate and stop attacks at any stage of progression.

ExtraHop integrations require custom JavaScript, with no native enforcement to instruct EDRs to block.

See what they’re sayings about us

“I didn’t know what was out there. I didn’t know what was running across our network. I did not have visibility. Vectra opened my eyes.”

Malcolm Montague
Information Security Manager ELHT NHS Foundation Trust
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How Vectra AI beats ExtraHop

Better attack coverage
Vectra AI fully automates threat discovery across your entire network, from on-premises to hybrid cloud.

With six AWS competency certifications and a Security Customer Champion award that puts it at the top of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), Vectra AI offers automation you can trust. Easily query Azure AD, Microsoft 365 and AWS Control Plane logs within one central platform.

ExtraHop does not have any control plane monitoring.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) can monitor cloud workloads — but not the control plane. Even the platform’s Azure AD coverage is just presenting Microsoft alerts.

Vectra AI provides the necessary insights to truly accelerate hunting and investigation.

Streamline workflows by identifying both indicators of compromise (IOCs) and any malicious attacker behavior across your entire network environment.

Looking for AI-enabled security? You’ll pay extra for that with ExtraHop.

Every performance or scalability claim from ExtraHop Reveal(x) can be disregarded for AI-enabled security use cases. In fact, using ExtraHop AI can increase your costs by more than 200%.

Vectra AI can monitor up to 300,000 hosts at a time.

That’s 18x ExtraHop monitoring capabilities. Easily support hundreds of thousands of users worldwide from a single device without compromising performance or data analysis capabilities.

ExtraHop can only monitor 16,000 hosts at a time.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) will hit their host cap long before they hit their throughput cap. It’s like driving a race car through city traffic — just go from red light to red light really fast.

Vectra’s managed extended services allows customers to have constant 24x7x365 coverage of all hybrid attack surfaces.

Vectra MXDR natively covers Network, Cloud, Identity, and SaaS. Through robust integrations, Vectra MXDR analysts can monitor and manage endpoints, specifically for CrowdStrike EDR, Microsoft Defender, and SentinelOne.

Extrahop does not offer managed services along with its platform.

Stronger signal clarity
Vectra AI never decrypts data. Why? Because it violates privacy laws and slows network performance.

Instead, Vectra AI’s data scientists have developed a unique approach for detecting threats inside encrypted SSL/TLS 1.3 traffic. So you never contravene your data governance or compliance policies that would risk exposing PII.

ExtraHop must decrypt to find threats. That means the very PII data you’re trying to protect is exposed.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) decryption exposes all the headers in cleartext where personally identifiable information resides. In other words, you’ll be faced with excessive risk — not detection. And while ExtraHop claims to support SSL/TLS 1.3 decryption, you’d need an endpoint agent that 70%+ of enterprise devices can’t even run.

Vectra AI thinks like an attacker to identify real threats in real time.

Advanced Attack Signal Intelligence zeros in on the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) attackers use to hide. When you get a critical alert, you know it’s worth investigating.

ExtraHop likes to say it gives you more detections — but that just means more work for analysts.

Despite claims to the contrary, ExtraHop Reveal(x) struggles to eliminate blind spots. It can’t find threats in encrypted traffic or the cloud control plane, and can’t use AI to identify attacks across all assets. The result is an overload of alerts letting you know about every anomaly — instead of just what’s critical.

Vectra AI continuously analyzes network and app metadata.

Vectra AI records more than 15 different data streams and monitors for hidden threats in traffic over countless protocols. It’s how the Vectra AI platform automatically detects, threats, misuse of identity, exploitation of SaaS tools, and malicious content residing in encrypted communications.

ExtraHop cloud support is for monitoring workloads as an extension to the network (packets) — not any SaaS or control plane.

The majority of ExtraHop Reveal(x) protocols only collect network performance monitoring metrics. They don’t monitor for hidden attackers. Even ExtraHop’s Microsoft coverage is just reprinting Microsoft alerts.

Vectra AI automatically discerns between authorized behaviors and truly suspicious events.

With Vectra, you’ll never lose sight of what’s allowed or waste time filtering and triaging what needs your immediate attention.

ExtraHop provides no automatic triage.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) is severely limited in the controls an analyst can use to minimize false positives.

More intelligent control
Vectra AI-driven threat detection and response lessens your risk of analyst burnout.

Self-tuning AI helps reduce alert noise by 80% or more. And with certified integrations for EDR, SIEM and SOAR workflows, it offers the fastest detection with end-to-end protection.

ExtraHop employs little AI with it all performed in their cloud.

That means ExtraHop Reveal(x) does not scale cost-effectively, and often leaves customers with legacy IDS-like coverage. Ironically, these are the very factors that increase a company’s threat landscape and risk of attack.

Vectra AI detects threats in minutes. Sometimes seconds.

With native integrations for dozens of leading cybersecurity tools, Vectra AI uses all your analytics to discern specific MITRE tactics. The result is 60% faster response time compared to solutions that simply use rudimentary ML following decryption.

ExtraHop provides natively integrated enforcement with only a single EDR vendor.

Limited integrations mean you’ll need complex SOAR scripting to enable blocking.

Vectra AI can accurately measure the efficacy of SOC tools and analysts.

You’ll know exactly what's been detected and how much time analysts spend hunting, assessing and remediating threats.

ExtraHop has several dashboards but no reporting function.

There’s no way to measure traditional security operations metrics such as mean-time-to-detect, mean- time-to-respond and mean-time-to-acknowledge.

Vectra AI lets you quickly establish desired GRC policy alerts.

With Vectra AI, you can generate compliance reports within minutes — no complicated setup required

ExtraHop includes a limited number of compliance alerts.

Outside of creating custom alerts, you won’t have any shared reporting to see when compliance violations occur.

4 in 5 enterprises chose Vectra AI over competitors

“In just a matter of days, our clients are able to achieve greater visibility, detection efficacy, and cut incident response times.”
Henrik Smit
Director, CyberOps KPMG
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Wellington College
“With one nice front dashboard, we can look at the high-volume threats rather than all of the noise. Vectra AI has helped me get my time back.”
Tony Whelton
IT Director at Wellington College
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“It was eye opening to hear that the problem was an order of magnitude larger than we thought it was. Vectra’s solution and expertise has helped us uncover and review hundreds of settings that we never would have known about.”
Adam Fletcher
Chief Security Officer at Blackstone
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“Honestly the best NDR I have ever used. I have deployed Vectra multiple times, and the support has been amazing. The architecture is shockingly simple for what it does, and produces a lack of noise compared to other leaders in this field."

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