Cybersecurity for NHS

Secure Healthcare for the NHS, Reinforced by Vectra AI

Safeguard your patients, their private information, and the NHS’s esteemed reputation from cyber threats using Vectra AI’s leading cybersecurity solutions.

The Challenge

Escalating Cybersecurity Risks Within the NHS

The NHS holds a wealth of sensitive patient information while providing indispensable healthcare services, a combination that unfortunately attracts cybercriminals. NHS trusts like Pennine Care NHS and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust have experienced firsthand the detrimental effects of such attacks, underscoring the need for a vigilant cybersecurity strategy.

With advanced and disparate IT infrastructures, including a growing network of IoT devices, NHS organizations are at a heightened risk. Their substantial datasets and the imperative to maintain public trust make a strong, responsive cybersecurity posture not just beneficial but critical for continued operation.

The Solution

Vectra AI: Tailored Cybersecurity for the NHS

Learning from the experiences of our NHS customers, Vectra AI provides a specialized cybersecurity framework that detects, investigates, and neutralizes threats swiftly and with precision.

AI-driven Detections

Vectra AI offers real-time detection and automated response capabilities that have been validated in NHS settings. Our cybersecurity platform, equipped with AI-derived machine learning algorithms, provides visibility into the most covert cyber threats, as demonstrated in the proactive identification and resolution of attacks at Pennine Care NHS.

AI-driven Triage

The integration of IoT within the NHS expands the attack surface. Vectra AI offers unparalleled visibility and control, as evidenced by GMMH NHS Foundation Trust’s successful prevention of credential abuse in Office 365, which could have led to far-reaching ramifications.

AI-driven Prioritization

Vectra AI's AI-powered behavioural analytics deliver personalized risk scores, enabling NHS organizations to distinguish between legitimate and suspicious activities, effectively neutralizing targeted social engineering attacks.

How It Works

Coverage, Clarity, Control and Compliance for the NHS


Vectra AI ensures seamless visibility across the entire NHS IT ecosystem. The platform's effectiveness is reflected in the increased confidence of Pennine Care NHS in detecting and preventing hidden threats across their network.


Our actionable reporting translates complex threat intelligence into clear, actionable insights, allowing NHS teams to make informed decisions rapidly—crucial in situations like those encountered by Pennine Care NHS when dealing with VPN traffic issues.


Vectra AI's AI-driven threat hunting allows for the swift isolation of affected systems, as was the case when GMMH NHS Foundation Trust responded to potential threats detected by Vectra's platform. This control empowers NHS trusts to maintain operational integrity and patient trust.


Vectra AI's solutions bolster security while adhering to NHS and GDPR standards, focusing on historical metadata storage over packet payloads to protect patient confidentiality in line with data protection regulations.


How does Vectra AI ensure compliance with NHS data governance and GDPR?

Vectra AI prioritizes the security and privacy of patient information by aligning with NHS data governance and GDPR requirements. Our platform focuses on the collection and storage of metadata, rather than packet payloads, ensuring patient confidentiality is maintained without compromising the integrity of cybersecurity measures.

How does Vectra AI handle large volumes of data typical within NHS systems?

Vectra AI's platform is designed to handle large-scale data with efficiency, using AI to analyze and triage alerts. This ensures that only the most pertinent threats are brought to the attention of security professionals, allowing for the effective management of the vast data flows typical in NHS systems.

What is the impact on system performance when deploying Vectra AI solutions?

Vectra AI solutions are optimized for minimal impact on system performance. Our AI-driven platform efficiently processes network traffic and analyzes threats without causing significant latency or disruption to NHS operational systems.

In the event of a detected threat, what response mechanisms does Vectra AI provide?

When a threat is detected, Vectra AI provides detailed information about the threat's nature and suggests remediation steps. The platform can automate certain responses, like isolating affected systems, to prevent the spread of the threat within the NHS network. Vectra provides managed services to also extend your team capabilities 24x7x365.

How does Vectra AI help in threat hunting and investigation for the NHS?

Vectra AI facilitates proactive threat hunting by providing AI-based features that help sift through historical metadata. This allows cybersecurity professionals to uncover patterns indicative of cyber threats and conduct thorough investigations efficiently.

What type of threats can Vectra AI detect within the NHS network?

Vectra AI is equipped to detect a wide range of cyber threats, including advanced persistent threats (APTs), ransomware, insider threats, and any unusual activity that could signify a breach, thanks to its AI-driven detection algorithms that monitor network traffic in real-time.

Can Vectra AI integrate with our existing NHS cybersecurity infrastructure?

Absolutely. Vectra AI is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing security infrastructures within the NHS. It complements your current security tools by providing deeper insights and automated responses to cyber threats.

How does Vectra AI’s AI-driven behavioural analytics work to prevent social engineering attacks?

Vectra AI’s behavioural analytics utilize AI to establish a baseline of normal user behavior and then monitors for deviations that may indicate social engineering attempts. By identifying these anomalies, Vectra AI can alert cybersecurity teams to potential social engineering attacks before they can do harm.

How does Vectra AI ensure the protection of IoT devices within the NHS infrastructure?

Vectra AI provides visibility into the NHS's IoT ecosystem, detecting any abnormal or malicious activities. This ensures that IoT devices, which can be entry points for attackers, are constantly monitored and safeguarded against potential threats.

What kind of support and training does Vectra AI offer to NHS cybersecurity teams?

Vectra AI provides comprehensive support and training for NHS cybersecurity teams, ensuring smooth deployment and integration of our platform. Support ranges from initial onboarding to ongoing education about new threats and features, all aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of the NHS’s cybersecurity efforts.