ITDR for Microsoft Entra ID

Find Microsoft Entra ID (Formerly Azure AD) cloud identity attacks others can’t

Low budget? Limited resources? Overextended staff? Find and stop Microsoft Entra ID cloud identity attacks before they can cause damage — no matter what your security team looks like.

Find Microsoft Entra ID identity attacks within minutes

That’s 99% faster than the average time of 328 days it takes to detect and contain a data breach caused by compromised credentials.*

*Source: IBM Data Breach Report

MITRE ATT&CK coverage
less analyst workloads
Vectra AI found an attack in 50% of deployments in the past 6 months
Why Vectra AI

Why choose Vectra AI to defend against Microsoft Entra ID attacks?

Find identity attacks others can't

Find attacks early with zero-day coverage for never-before seen attack techniques. You’ll see everything that happens after an attacker gains access — Vectra AI correlates identity activity to broader network and cloud activity for integrated detection coverage. 

Reduce workloads

AI prioritization and attack ratings correlate cloud and network activity to create clear attacker narratives — so you can focus on urgent threats, not benign events. Deploy it out-of-the-box within 10 minutes, minimal tuning needed.

Reduce workloads

AI prioritization and attack ratings correlate cloud and network activity to create clear attacker narratives — so you can focus on urgent threats, not benign events. Deploy it out-of-the-box within 10 minutes, minimal tuning needed.

Maximize talent

See and stop attacks in one place — no more switching between tools​. Our enhanced logs make investigations easy and fast​, and flexible response options let you halt attacks without impacting operations.

Interactive Tour

Stop a Microsoft Entra ID cloud identity attack with Vectra ITDR

Take the interactive tour to see how security teams like yours use Vectra ITDR daily to find and stop cloud identity-based attacks.

Attack Anatomy

See how Vectra AI defends against real-world Microsoft Entra ID attacks

When prevention controls fail to stop a Microsoft Entra ID cloud identity attack, Vectra AI finds it — fast and early. 

MITRE Mapping

Comprehensive MITRE ATT&CK coverage for Microsoft Entra ID (Formerly Azure AD)

With more references in the MITRE D3FEND framework than any other vendor, only Vectra AI gives you an unfair advantage over attackers targeting Microsoft Entra ID.

TA0001: Initial Access
T1078: Valid Accounts
TA0002: Execution
T1059: Command and Scripting Interpreter
T1651: Cloud Administration Command
TA0003: Persistence
T1098: Account Manipulation
T1136: Create Account
T1556: Modify Authentication Process
T1078: Valid Accounts
TA0004: Privilege Escalation
T1484: Domain Policy Modification
T1078: Valid Accounts
TA0005: Defense Evasion
T1484: Domain Policy Modification
T1562: Impair Defenses
T1556: Modify Authentication Process
T1078: Valid Accouts
T1564: Hide Artifacts
T1070: Indicator Removal
T1550: Use Alternate Authentication Material
TA0006: Credential Access
T1110: Brute Force
T1606: Forge Web Credentials
T1556: Modify Authentication Process
T1621: Multi-Factor Authentication Request Generation
T1528: Steal Application Access Token
T1649: Steal of Forge Authentication Certification
T1552: Unsecured Credentials
T1539: Steal Web Session Cookie
TA0007: Discovery
T1087: Account Discovery
TA0008: Lateral Movement
T1534: Internal Spearphishing
T1080: Taint Shared Content
T1550: Use Alternate Authentication Material
TA0009: Collection
T1119: Automated Collection
T1530: Data from Cloud Storage
T1213: Data from Information Repositories
T1114: Email Collection
TA0010: Exfiltration
T1048: Exfiltration Over Alternative Protocol
TA0040: Impact
T1531: Account Access Removal
T1499: Endpoint Denial of Service
T1498: Network Denial of Service
Customer Stories

See why enterprises everywhere choose Vectra AI to stop identity-based attacks

“As a long-time Vectra AI customer, I have confidence in identifying and stopping privilege escalation and account takeovers.”
John Shaffer
CIO, Greenhill
Read More
“Vectra AI has given us just the right tools with minimal effort to battle against ransomware and other cyberthreats.”
Arjan Hurkmans
IT Security Operations Manager, AS Watson
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“Our alert volume has been reduced by 90% since Vectra AI’s ML assesses more features and context in the models, which leads to more accurate detections.”
Kevin Kennedy
Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Blackstone
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“We now have a greater degree of confidence that we can detect and stop credential abuse.”
Kevin Orritt
ICT Security Manager,
GMMH NHS Foundation Trust
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“Vectra AI saved the A&M System $7 million in a year and we cut threat investigation times from several days to a few minutes.”
Dan Basile
Executive Director of the SOC, The Texas A&M University System
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Featured Datasheet

Vectra Identity Threat Detection and Response

Learn more about how Vectra ITDR helps you defend against identity attacks.

Microsoft Entra ID FAQs

What types of risks are there in Microsoft Entra ID?
As Microsoft’s enterprise cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution, Entra ID is your frontline defense for secure access to apps and data. But it has vulnerabilities. Attackers use flaws and misconfigurations to take over accounts that rely on pre-established trust.
How can you make Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) more secure?
Prevention can fail. To fully defend against identity attacks, you need to expose the cloud identity attacks already hiding in your environment. AI-driven detection and response is the only proven way to stop attackers before they can inflict damage.
How does Vectra AI help?
Vectra Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) uses machine learning and identity-focused behavior analytics to identify active identity attackers. It reveals credential misuse, privilege escalation, entitlement abuse, replication streams and other identity-based threat tactics in meaningful detail — without long delays and guesswork. As a result, our customers are able to identify and stop Microsoft Entra ID attacks the day they occur.
How is Vectra AI different from your prevention solutions?
The Vectra AI Platform detects the earliest signs of an attack so you can stop an attacker before any damage is done. It detects identity attacks when attackers bypass prevention.For example, unlike privilege access management (PAM), which focuses on preventing unauthorized access, Vectra AI uses privileged access analytics (PAA) to closely follow accounts most useful to attackers. PAM focuses on prevention; Vectra AI finds attackers already hiding in your environment so you can shut them down in minutes.