Customer story
Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)

ED&F Man Holdings Ltd.

Security integration and automation enable ED&F Man to detect and stop attacks faster


Transform security operations to mitigate cybersecurity risk

Selection criteria

Network threat detection and response that integrates with its endpoint detection and response and SIEM solutions


  • Integrated network detection and response, endpoint detection and response, and security analytics to streamline SOC operations
  • Quickly identify and prioritize the highest-risk threats to stop attacks faster
  • Cut investigation time from hours to minutes
  • Reduced priority alerts from 800 to five per month

ED&F MAN - Commodities Trader Finds Sweet Spot with AI-powered Threat Detection


ED&F Man Holdings, a commodities trader with a global presence, faced the increasing success of cyberattacks and the need to significantly enhance its cybersecurity processes, tools, and personnel. The company needed to detect and stop attacks faster while managing the risks associated with its extensive global operations, involving trading agricultural products in 60 countries.


ED&F undertook a complete security transformation, with a focus on next-generation security technology, integration, and automation. Cognito, the AI-driven threat detection and response platform from Vectra, played a crucial role in this transformation. Cognito provided immediate visibility into attacker behaviors in network traffic, allowing the security team to rapidly detect and prioritize attacks in real time.

Customer benefits

Leveraging Vectra AI, ED&F significantly enhanced its cybersecurity posture, reducing high-priority incidents from 200 alerts a week to just a few per month. Integration with advanced security tools and seamless automation not only improved operational efficiency but also transformed the perception of IT security, earning the trust of business units.

"We used to get 200 alerts a week. Now with Cognito, we have four or five a month.”

Carmelo Gallo
Cybersecurity Manager ED&F Man Holdings Ltd.

“Vectra is passionate about putting the customer first.”

Carmelo Gallo
Cybersecurity Manager ED&F Man Holdings Ltd.