Why Now

Stop the Noise

Signatures are only threat indicators. Without contextual data this leads to volumes of false positives and low-level alerts, hiding real threats.

Expose Blindspots

Next-gen firewalls don't see suspicious lateral movement and only detect known attacks. Threats evade perimeter security and infect your network.

Reduce the Work

IDPS rules and signatures require constant updates and tuning. Compliance requires static deployments. The combination is impossible with IDPS.

Vectra Network Detection and Response (NDR) Replaces IDPS

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  • Meaningful AI plus threat intel to detect attacker behaviors and respond to high-fidelity detections. No more noise.
  • Agentless coverage for IaaS, SaaS, Data Centers, IoT and OT that detect known and unknown attacks. No more blind spots.
  • Automated incident response supports regulatory compliance mandates. No more tuning and tweaking signatures and rules.

What the Market Says

Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) are long in the tooth and are considered by many to be ineffective for applications beyond their primary function.

– 451 Research, NVDR Guide

Cognito filled a gap. We needed to know what we didn’t know, and Cognito showed us what was hidden.

– Brett Walmsley, CTO at NHS Bolton
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Vectra gives us access to the right people to make sure our journey is a success. Vectra is passionate about putting the customer first.

– Carmello Gallo, Cybersecurity Manager at ED&F Man
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Archaic Threat Protection no longer meets modern security requirements

Did You Know?

“IDS has way too much alert noise. The performance of our IDS and IPS couldn’t keep up and was virtually unusable.”

-Company director of cybersecurity
Major Real Estate Firm