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Three reasons to trade up from Darktrace now!

Vectra finds the threats that matter

Vectra’s customers report a 300% increase in detection of actual threats and 75% faster resolution time, leading to a 57% reduction in impactful security incidents.

The key is our innovative AI approach, which zeroes in on attacker methods then prioritizes the most relevant hosts and accounts for immediate action. This methodology slashes critical alerts by up to 80% compared to Darktrace’s basic anomaly detection.

Stop wasting your security team’s time looking through Darktrace noise. Trade up to Vectra to see the threats that matter.

Vectra detects ransomware attacks better

Ransomware is the most
urgent threat facing most organizations today.

Vectra’s AI consistently and clearly detects ransomware actors early,
so that they can be stopped
BEFORE ransomware is ever deployed, or data stolen.

By sharp contrast, consider this recent Darktrace blog which highlights its limited detection capabilities against a similar threat—and the consequences.

Which would you rather have?

Vectra transparently shows its ROI

Security teams are under pressure
to justify investments in both
tools and people.

Only Vectra provides built-in measurement of the alerts surfaced by Vectra, outcomes, and key operational metrics including time-to-prioritize and time-to-resolve. Vectra even remembers the key incidents addressed for on-demand reporting. All making it easy to report to management on the value of Vectra to your detection and response program. Can you say the same about Darktrace?

One customer explains his decision to “trade-up” to Vectra:

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