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CrowdStrike, Splunk and Vectra—a Powerful Triad to Find and Stop Cyberattacks

September 17, 2019
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In a previous blog, we talked about a better way to gain full threat visibility with the security operations center (SOC) visibility triad. The combination of network detection and response (NDR), endpoint detection and response (EDR) and log-based detection (SIEM) allows security professionals to have coverage across threat vectors from cloud workloads to the enterprise.

A unique example of this powerful combination is the native integration of CrowdStrike, Splunk, and Vectra.

CrowdStrike is the leader in cloud-delivered endpoint detection and response. The CrowdStrike Falcon platform offers instant visibility and protection across the enterprise and prevents attacks on endpoints on or off the network.

Splunk is the leader in security information and event management by automating correlations with logs from devices in the Splunk database, providing greater context of a threat. Splunk enables security teams to easily correlate information with intelligence from other systems and is the foundation of a streamlined security operation.

Vectra is transforming cybersecurity by applying advanced AI to detect in-progress attacks and hunt for hidden threats by viewing the interactions between all devices on the network. The Vectra Cognito Platform provides a 360-degree, enterprise-wide view—from public cloud and private data center workloads to user and IoT devices.

The Vectra NDR solution and the CrowdStrike EDR solution can provide a broader perspective when responding to an incident or hunting for a threat. Vectra is critical because it provides perspective where CrowdStrike cannot. For example, exploits that operate at the BIOS level of a device can subvert EDR as seen in the exploits reportedly stolen from the Equation Group by the Shadow Brokers hacking group.

It is the unique interplay between these solutions that enables security professionals to have complete visibility into their environments. Integrating threat detections from CrowdStrike and Vectra make the Splunk SIEM solution an even more powerful tool, enabling security analysts to stop attacks faster by quickly identifying the affected host devices when an incident occurs. They can more easily investigate to determine the nature of an attack and if it succeeded.

Together, CrowdStrike, Vectra, and Splunk lead to fast and well-coordinated responses across all resources, enhance the efficiency of security operations and reduce the dwell times that ultimately drive risk for the business.

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