High Growth with a Human Face

February 14, 2022
Willem Hendrickx
Chief Revenue Officer
High Growth with a Human Face

It is my honor to assume the role of Vectra AI CRO at a critical time for cybersecurity and the stability of the digital world.

I could not be prouder to help lead and grow Vectra in this capacity. I’m thankful for the confidence of our CEO Hitesh Sheth, our board, my colleagues worldwide, and most importantly, the customers and partners who have placed their trust in Vectra.

As I begin this job, I am fully aware that the stakes could not be higher. Consider the following:

  • Owing to the pandemic, recently distributed, out-of-office knowledge workers put pressure on corporate VPNs and cloud security measures.
  • Ransomware attacks are up, and in 2021, all types of cyberattacks reached a record high, increasing 50% globally over 2020, according to Check Point Research.
  • Across the developed world, we see new interest in regulating technology interests, which must be negotiated without inadvertent heightening of risk.

Vectra AI is the leading network detection and response (NDR) platform for the enterprise tier. Our unusually high commitment to research and development sets us apart - a striking 40% of Vectra revenue funds R&D. Part of my mission is to land these messages more often to more audiences, with greater impact.

I speak not just of the Vectra innovation story, but the superior efficacy of AI-enabled NDR in cyberconflict.

Prevention solutions are no longer enough. Today, we regularly watch critical infrastructure get wounded by cyberattacks that outflank expensive prevention software. Many public-sector agencies in particular are still woefully under prepared, but the problem runs deeper. 69% of IT security leaders recently told Vectra researchers that they see cybercriminals leapfrogging the tools currently at their disposal.

Another part of my mission is to revise that balance of power in our favor. Especially in the context of cloud security strategy—an urgent challenge in 2022.

Even if I were not taking this job—even if I did not work at Vectra—I would still tell you this: a robust NDR strategy, enabled by always-advancing AI and machine learning, is the best way to maximize security.

Happily, I believe Vectra AI is the most strategic and comprehensive solution. I also see customer enthusiasm broadening for managed detection and response services. Gartner calls NDR a priority for enterprise adoption in the coming two to five years. Vectra will compete for—and claim—more than our share of the market.

Let there be no mistake: my goal as CRO is aggressive growth and continued global expansion.

However, as a privileged architect of the digital future, with valued colleagues and friends and family, I have another, related goal: a more secure society with more trust, confidence, and joy in our digital doings. Less worry, less stress, less loss.

Vectra AI is helping to move the world to that point. The extraordinary technological ingenuity of my colleagues, merged with empathetic human values, will usher in the more secure digital world we deserve.

Linking arms with our customers and partners who have my heartfelt thanks, we proceed together toward making the world a safer and fairer place.

That is why cybersecurity is my profession. That’s why I’m proud to be the new Chief Revenue Officer at Vectra AI.