Attack Signal Intelligence™

We find real attacks
So you can stop
them in real time

Attackers don’t stand a chance against Attack Signal Intelligence™. Our advanced AI thinks like an attacker to automate threat detection, triage and prioritization of real security incidents — in real time.

Find the attacks other solutions miss

Before Vectra, developing a single detection at Blackstone took up to six months. Now, it's done in a day.

"Through one simple integration, completed in just a single day, we were able to add over 50 new threat detections. Our alert volume has been reduced by 90% since Vectra’s ML assesses more features and context in the models, which leads to more accurate detections."

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Kevin Kennedy
Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Blackstone
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Cut through the clutter to stop attacks fast

Only Attack Signal Intelligence lets you move at the speed of attackers to hunt, investigate and stop threats before they become breaches.

As the integrated signal that powers the Vectra AI Platform, our cybersecurity AI is the result of more than a decade of development by security researchers, data scientists and product engineers.

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of SOC analysts worry they’ll miss an attack buried in a flood of alerts.

Attack Signal Intelligence thinks like an attacker to analyze behaviors and prioritize real attacks in real time.


of SOC professionals admit their organizations may be compromised but don’t know it yet.

Attack Signal Intelligence zeros in on credential attacks by focusing on accounts most useful to attackers.


of SOC teams say vendors flood analysts with pointless alerts.

Attack Signal Intelligence arms you with a clear battle map of attack progression across M365 Power Automate, AWS API calls and more.

Prioritize real attacks, not weird events

Attack Signal Intelligence goes beyond signatures and anomalies to analyze attacker behavior in real-time. It’s ridiculously good at automating detection, triage and prioritization of real threats. All so you can:

Think like an attacker

Detections analyze behavior post-compromise to provide coverage for more than 90% of relevant MITRE and ATT&CK techniques.

Know what’s malicious

Triage uses machine learning to detect patterns, distinguish the malicious from the benign and reduce more than 80% of alert noise.

Focus on what’s urgent

Prioritization evaluates against globally-observed profiles to reduce false positives and provide reliable urgency ratings.

Respond to cyber-attacks in minutes — not months

Only Attack Signal Intelligence from Vectra AI empowers your team to effectively hunt, detect, prioritize, investigate and respond to attacks. Across your entire hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. All in a matter of minutes.


Expedite investigation with an intuitive UI that puts answers at analysts' fingertips.

Hunt for threats across your entire attack surface

Quickly attribute threats to compromised accounts

Evaluate all data and forensics in one intuitive interface


Integrate with your existing tech to streamline workflows — no need to start from scratch.

Consolidate analyst work streams in a single platform

Simplify data feeds, dashboards and reporting

Customize ITSM ticketing


Take control of attacks with targeted response to trigger the right action at the right time.

Launch response actions automatically or manually

Lock an account

Isolate an endpoint

Trigger SOAR playbooks

See what matters — not just what’s different

In the era of high-speed hybrid and multi-cloud attacks, relying solely on humans is no longer enough. Vectra’s Attack Signal Intelligence equips your team to get — and stay — ahead.

Double productivity with high-quality detection.

Cover >90% of relevant MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

Eliminate 90% of attack surface blindspots.

Know what’s malicious to reduce >80% of alert noise.

Improve quality of threat detection over native tools.

Engineer detections in days, not months.

Grow your security analysts’ cloud skills and expertise.

Detect, investigate and respond in record time

Team up with Vectra MDR analysts to see and stop attackers.

Double productivity with high-quality detection.

Cover >90% of relevant MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

Eliminate 90% of attack surface blindspots.

The difference is clear

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“In just a matter of days, our clients are able to achieve greater visibility, detection efficacy, and cut incident response times.”

Henrik Smit
Director, CyberOps

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“With one nice front dashboard, we can look at the high-volume threats rather than all of the noise. Vectra AI has helped me get my time back.”

Tony Whelton
Director of IT Services and Development
Wellington College

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“Vectra’s platform has helped us strengthen our cybersecurity defense capabilities and has made our firmwide cybersecurity program more efficient.”

Kevin Kennedy
Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity 

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“We are looking at the right risks and nothing more. We save some time for sure, and we empower our security with it. Previously, we couldn't see anything.”

Martin Bruno
General Transmissions

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“Vectra AI is the best. It is a major product in our cybersecurity. It just gives us so much detail about the malware putting our environment in danger.”

Head of Systems and Infrastructure 
Government Agency with 1,001-5,000 employees 
(Source: PeerSpot)

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“We have 30,000 devices across 50 countries with close to 2,000 offices. Vectra AI helps us to have more visibility in terms of what happens in our network and the network at large.”

CSIRT Manager 
10,000+ employee Construction Company
(Source: PeerSpot)

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“I really like the UI experience because it's simple to use, and we get quite a lot of information very quickly.” 

Security Analyst 
Computer Software Company with 1,001-5,000 employees 
(Source: PeerSpot)

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