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Case Study: Online Gaming Company

See how an international gaming company leveraged Vectra to secure their critical environment.

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Why Now

The not so good, the bad and the ugly

451 Research shows that the #1 challenge with cloud native adoption is security and compliance risks.*

Through 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will fall on customers.*

50% year over year increase in data breaches targeting cloud infrastructures*

Why Your Cloud Will Never Be Securely Configured

The Risk with Cloud

Cloud deployments come with a tangible increase in risk—as speed and agility increases, so does the risk of introducing security issues. 

The Complexity of Cloud

Public cloud environments
are incredibly complex, and in constant change. Deploying a
cloud application securely is at
this point impossible.

Security Gaps in the Cloud

Once a deployment is live, it is already too late to think about preventative security. Cloud providers focus on availability—
not security.

Why Vectra

Migrate, develop, and deploy more applications at scale, while reducing the risk of AWS cybersecurity issues.

Detect for AWS

Reduce risk of cloud services being exploited

Agentless runtime monitoring of applications, users, roles, serverless compute, and storage.

Rapidly detect threats against AWS infrastructure

Detect and prioritize cloud cybersecurity threats without relying on signatures, agents, V-Taps, or static policies.

Automate response to attacks on applications running in AWS

Native integration with AWS and 3rd party solutions automatically stop attacks without impact to service.

Native Integrations with AWS

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