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ransomware post-incident report

How a pharmaceutical company stopped Maze ransomware with AI-driven detection and response.

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After the Colonial Pipeline Attack, More Ransomware

Attackers are at it again. Why a new approach is needed to defend against ransomware.

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See and stop ransomware
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Why Now

Threat detection and response sees the tell tale signs of ransomware at the earliest possible opportunity


Compromised credentials look legitimate


Ransomware attacks seek privileged access to penetrate and establish operations inside your network. Vectra’s patented artificial intelligence automatically identifies the misuse of privilege accounts, services and hosts.


Propagation goes across the network


Spot reconnaissance, lateral movement, command & control orchestration before encryption occurs attacker behaviors and take action to contain and block it spread.


Attacks hide in plain sight


Stop ransomware before encryption with AI-driven detection and response for today’s zero trust network including cloud, data center, IoT, and enterprise.

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See how you can detect and stop ransomware before
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Can you detect and respond to ransomware before it impacts you?

"Ransomware threat kept us up at night."

Ciaran Martin
CTO — Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

Are your RDP services unknowingly being misused?

Over 70% of human-operated ransomware attacks in the past year originated with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) brute force.

BleepingComputer, 2020

Are you being targeted and prepared to be attacked?

Human-operated ransomware gangs are performing massive, wide-ranging sweeps of the internet, searching for vulnerable entry points, as they “bank” access, waiting for a time that’s advantageous to their purpose.

Microsoft, 2020

Why Vectra

Don’t wait for a ransom note – use AI-driven detection and response to see and stop ransomware before encryption occurs

Early indicators:

We spot the earliest signs of ransomware including recon, privilege escalation, and lateral movement.

From cloud to ground:

Vectra is the only solution that can track and link cloud identity
with on premises hosts to stop ransomware originating in one
domain and pivoting to another including cloud, data center, and enterprise networks.

Account lockdown:

Use the Account Lockdown function to immediately stop a compromised account from distributing ransomware.

Anatomy of an Attack:

Maze Ransomware

“We were not affected [by WannaCry] in any way. Our executives were appreciative that we didn’t lose any service.”

Brett Walmsley
Bolton NHS Foundation Trust