Does Your Security Operation Center See Across In-progress Attacks? That's Why You Need Vectra

The SOC visibility triad
can't see all interactions
without Vectra
The SOC visibility triad
can't see behaviors in real-time
without Vectra
The SOC visibility triad
can't take identity-level responses
without Vectra

NDR is Foundational to the SOC Visibility Triad

“The escalating sophistication of threats requires organizations to use multiple sources of data for threat detection and responses. Network-based technologies enable technical professionals to obtain quick threat visibility across an entire environment without using agents.”

Gartner research report “Applying Network-Centric Approaches for Threat Detection and Response” published March 18, 2019 (ID: G00373460), Augusto Barros, Anton Chuvakin, and Anna Belak

Why Vectra

SOC Visibility Triad

Regain Visibility

See unmanaged devices like loT and routers that can't support agents

Visibility into attacks that operate below the BIOS like those used by modern attackers

Gain visibility into hosts that don't have agents installed

Investigate Threats

Investigate with attributes that aren't in logs

Gain insight into attacks that compromise logs

See attacks as they unfold and avoid after-the-fact reporting because time is of the essence.

Stop Attacks

No other NDR solution takes identity-level enforcement

Respond based on an industry-leading number of the behaviors in the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Prioritize response based on privilege and risk

Did You Know?

"82% of organizations are building a security technology architecture that integrates multiple products together."

- John Oltsik
Senior Principal Analyst, ESG