Vectra AI + Siemplify: Automated, actionable intelligence stops threats faster

  • Reduce alerts by as much as 80% through grouping and prioritization.
  • Increase analyst caseload capacity by 300% through automation and playbooks.
  • Reduce mean time to respond with enriched alert data.

Why integrate Siemplify with Vectra AI?

Visibility into threats across the organization is in short supply. Countless security tools, processes, and interfaces compete with each other for attention and add complexity and manual work to an already overburdened SOC team, increasing the risk of an incident.

Work threat-centric cases instead of meaningless alerts.

Work threat-centric cases instead of meaningless alerts.

Reduce caseload by working prioritized threat-centric cases instead of trivial alerts. The integration with Vectra enables creation and continuous analysis of alerts created from Vectra threat detections, identifying and grouping related security alerts into cases.

Equip SOC teams with tools, processes and context to drive smarter investigations and response.

Create repeatable, automated response processes.

Transform alerts into customizable playbook processes that can automate everything from case enrichment to response.

Conduct context-driven investigations.

Siemplify enriches individual alerts generated from Vectra threat detectionswith data from across the environment, grouping related alerts into cases togive analysts the context needed to focus on truly malicious activity.

Vectra AI and Siemplify enable automatic threat detection enrichment, context-driven investigations and the ability to create repeatable responses.

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