Why Now

75% of threat hunting organizations ranked knowledge in baseline network communications and activity as the most valued capability for threat hunters1

1SANS 2019 Threat Hunting Survey. SANS Institute, 2019.

61% of threat hunting organizations report at least an 11% measurable improvement in their overall security posture

71% indicate technology is the first or second focus of their threat hunting resources

Why Threat Hunt

Get proactive and on the front foot against potential adversaries by threat hunting. Research, hypothesize then get hunting. Threat hunting generates the best return on effort when you have an effaced detection and response capability already in place.

Watch this on-demand webinar: SANS: Threat Hunting with Consistency

Why Vectra

AI-driven threat hunting platform and tools

Highest-fidelity data source: AI-enriched network metadata

Deep protocol visibility, not just connectivity attributes

Hunt based on account,  device, workload and host name, not just IP addresses

"Cognito Recall is a dramatic leap forward in AI-assisted threat hunting and incident investigation"

Head of Information Security Operations at the World’s Largest Online Poker Site

Conclusive Threat Hunting and Investigation with
Cognito Recall

Did You Know?

Vectra Advisory Services ensure a smooth transition to a behavior-based threat detection-and-response approach to bring your SOC to full maturity and ready to threat hunt.