Packet Pushers Shines Critical Light on New Cybersecurity Solution

Packet Pushers Shines Critical Light on New Cybersecurity Solution

Packet Pushers Shines Critical Light on New Cybersecurity Solution

August 14, 2014

Salespeople. They're charismatic, they're informative, and if they're good, they'll convince you that what they have is exactly what you need. I remember being tasked with finding a new corporate travel solution by a former manager. When information I found online looked promising, or was too vague, I'd request a sales demo. During the meeting, I would experience total clarity. What a perfect solution. This is exactly what we need. I'm not an easy sell, am I? The assurance salespeople provide is comforting, but the thing is, not all solutions are an ideal fit, and a salesperson isn't in the business of helping you find an ideal fit.

There were a few obvious consequences of making a poor recommendation when it came to my task of finding a new travel solution. Poor customer service, hidden fees, missed savings on airfare or hotel rates, amongst others. When talking about network security, the consequences of picking the wrong solution become altogether more devastating. The loss of substantial funds, the theft of sensitive customer or employee data, even the irreparable damage to consumer trust, or to a company's reputation. As an IT member tasked with finding the right cybersecurity solution, running the sales gauntlet from one provider to the next essentially gives you one unfortunate choice: buy absolutely everything because you feel you must have it, or pick just one and hope for the best.

In the consumer world, we rely on tools like Yelp to give us honest insight into the quality of services and goods. We value this information, because it allows us to make informed decisions. Why doesn’t such a resource exist for corporate solutions? Thanks to an Aussie and a Granite Boy, the IT world now does.

Greg Ferro hails from Australia and now lives in the UK. Ethan Banks is a native of New Hampshire – the granite state. Greg and Ethan are professional network architects and writers and each has over 20 years of network engineering and design experience across a variety of industries. As a mark of their achievement, both have earned the title of Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert.

Greg and Ethan started Packet Pushers in 2010. In their blog and podcast, they test the mettle of new networking technology and provide us the insight of guys who not only know their stuff, but also have no reason to make anyone look good. In its lifetime, Packet Pushers has seen over 2 million downloads and reaches a weekly listener base of over 10 thousand.

At Vectra, we embrace the skeptics who reject marketing spin and want to dig deep below the surface of new and trending technology. We appreciate Packet Pushers for the honesty and rigor with which they engage various IT solution providers in discussions of their products. When it comes to vetting IT solutions, they set the bar high, and their insight allows us to follow suit. After all, no one likes an easy sell.

Listen to Packet Pushers show #199 “The Mushy Middle” to learn how Vectra Networks can protect your network from targeted as well as opportunistic cyberattacks.

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