Vectra Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Shared Responsibility Model

November 14, 2022
Thomas Patterson
Principal Product Manager
Vectra Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Shared Responsibility Model

Our vision of shared responsibility

The ‘shared responsibility’ model came into our nomenclature with the rise of cloud service providers — where there is a need for a line of demarcation to identify who owns responsibility around the various tasks, work and operations being done among security teams and their services partners. In a perfect world, both the customer’s security team and the services team would have a clear understanding of who is responsible for what, with visibility into the work that is being completed — a collaborative relationship that enables the customer to maximize the value of their services team.  

In terms of delivering Managed Detection and Response (MDR), we view the term ‘shared responsibility’ differently than some.  It is more about collaboration than delineation. It is about how Vectra, and our customers work together in a seamless manner to resolve threats. 

The power of customer and service provider collaboration

When it comes to raising a child and running security operations, it takes a village.  

There is power in understanding the context and being able to share the qualitative analysis of why something was done. Our customers will always be more knowledgeable as to “why” and “how” their environments operate. While Vectra analysts will have the highest level of expertise available about our platform as well as a broader view into global threats.  

So, we thought, why silo that information when we have the functionality to collaborate on our single platform? With that in mind, we ensured that our platform would be able to provide the best of both worlds — where our customers keep control by interacting as much (or as little) as they want with us, while Vectra MDR analysts provide security and threat expertise. The key is the Vectra platform, that delivers the best Attack Signal Intelligence on the planet, which allows customers and Vectra analysts to work in the same solution at the same time, allowing for ‘real time’ collaboration during investigations.

Providing customers with more ways to keep control

Vectra MDR shared responsibility vision

We have heard repeatedly from our customers that they do not want to give up full control. They want a partner to work with them and collaborate, which is exactly how we’ve designed the service.  

Our vision is to provide a choice on how our customers want to operate their MDR service. They can choose to augment or outsource. From that choice, Vectra works with them to determine the most appropriate operational interlocks, so that together we can ensure they are best positioned to detect, investigate and respond to cyberattacks.  

The mission remains the same. We work with customers to identify and respond to real threats, erase the unknown and keep their business safe.

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