Threat detection and response for your Azure AD

See and stop threats bypassing your MFA

Find compromised Azure AD accounts that access your federated applications and services like M365, Salesforce, AWS, or VPNs and make changes to your Azure AD backend to further their attack campaign. Respond early to Azure AD attacks before data is stolen or business operations are disrupted.

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71% of businesses have at least one account compromised a year, even after adopting preventative controls like multi-factor authentication and email gateways.

Detect and prioritize attacks in Azure AD with security-led AI.

Deep visibility into how MFA is being bypassed by your users.

Investigate and respond instantly with full context and history.

MFA will not stop attackers

MFA can’t be applied everywhere

Business necessary legacy protocols like IMAP, SMTP, MAPI and POP  do not use MFA.

99% of organizations have active legacy protocol sign-ins.

Malicious trojan apps bypass MFA

OAuth applications installed by users have direct access to your data without passing MFA.

66% of organizations have users regularly installing OAuth apps.

Attackers have the tools to bypass MFA

Attacker tools and techniques including Golden SAML attacks provide paths around MFA.

97% of organizations have code execution tools like Powershell active in their tenant.

Security Competency

Vectra’s AWS Security Competency designation means organizations have a solution that has been thoroughly vetted by AWS, is deployed by large global organizations globally, and is available through the AWS Marketplace.

Vectra sees and stops attackers before they can do damage

Finds and stops more attacks with less noise than SIEM rules or native alerting

Find sophisticated threat faster to prevent attack escalation of your most critical data center assets.

It starts with complete visibility across all data center network segments, user and system account activities and virtualized workloads.

Next, industry-leading security researchers and ML/AI data science experts collaborate to unleash the promise of ML/AI to detect high-certainty attacker methods, including east-west lateral movement, encrypted command and control channels, and privileged credentials abuse.

Security-led AI looks at attacker actions in multiple dimensions enabling high fidelity alerts with 99.8% less noise than native solutions while still finding real threats.

Investigate historical Azure AD events without writing any queries

“It is one of those rare products that works the way it’s supposed to. The technology and science behind Vectra complement each other in one incredible solution that ensures your investment is well spent.”

Senior Security Engineer Major University Healthcare System

Get instant answers to the questions analysts need to stop a threat fast without jumping to another tool or learning a new query language.

Reveal how users and potential attackers are bypassing your preventive controls

Continuously monitor for attacker-bypass methods and go beyond static posture to fully understand an attacker's view of your environment.

See how Vectra helps organizations secure their hybrid cloud

Cover your entire hybrid cloud, without agents

Physical data center

Sensors provide coverage across your data center, providing deep coverage for attacker methods across MITRE ATT&CK framework.

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Virtual data center

Whether on VMware, KVM or Hyper V, we have you covered. Vectra provides coverage for lateral movement between two virtual machines or between physical and virtual workloads.

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Cloud workloads

Vectra can cover workloads in all popular cloud providers like AWS, Azure and GCP providing coverage for lateral movement between cloud workloads or between data center and cloud.

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Cloud-native or Lift-n-shift?
How about both!!

Secure AWS control plane

Detect analyzes AWS logs to uncover attacker methods leveraging cloud identity to target compute, networking and storage services used by cloud-native apps.

Secure AWS network

Detect analyzes packets from AWS EC2 VMs to uncover attacker methods in AWS VPCs that are extensions of the corporate network, often seen in lift-n-shift deployments.

Protecting over 1 million Azure AD users

“Our alert volume has been reduced by 90% since Vectra’s ML assesses more features and context in the models, which leads to more accurate detections.”

– Kevin Kennedy Senior VP, Cybersecurity Blackstone

“We are an AWS shop. Using AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring, Vectra gives us full visibility into our Nitro-based instances.” – Mirza Baig, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)

Learn more about the Vectra platform

Understand more about the Vectra platform and its approach to threat detection and response.

Learn more about the Vectra platform

Understand more about the Vectra platform and its approach to threat detection and response.