Security-led AI finds attackers across your business

Vectra's threat detections are powered by a deep understanding of attacker methods and advanced ML algorithms. Alerts uncover attacker methods in actions, not just weird events, and are correlated across your business to expose real threats.

AI Countermeasures for MITRE ATT&CK tactics

Vectra is the most cited vendor in MITRE D3FEND – the set of countermeasures that MITRE has named to defend against ATT&CK tactics. This innovative detection approach has resulted in 97% coverage for ATT&CK techniques in network, public cloud, and SaaS platforms.

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Understand more about the Vectra platform and how it protects your public cloud, SaaS, identity and data center.

Threat detection with confidence and context

Alert in real-time on attacker methods in action, using advanced ML algorithms ranging from deep learning neural networks to hierarchical clustering.

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Unified threat correlation and prioritization across your hosts and accounts

Prioritize threats across your business and attribute active attacks to joint cloud and network accounts, host machines and IAM users.

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Investigate instantly with one-click answers and zero queries

Get immediate answers to the questions that analysts need in order to stop attacks without writing queries or jumping to another tool.

Stop attackers in their tracks with targeted native response capabilities

Automated and on-demand orchestration isolates compromised hosts, disables attacker-controlled accounts, and pauses infected cloud workloads without operational impact or downtime.

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